Song shares testimony of Foundation Academy student Bailey Trinder

A song by singer/songwriter Patrick Gibson about Trinder was performed live at House of Blues Friday, Aug. 16.

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  • | 12:54 p.m. August 22, 2019
Patrick Gibson, left, and Brian, Bailey and Betsy Trinder shared a special moment together on stage at the House of Blues.
Patrick Gibson, left, and Brian, Bailey and Betsy Trinder shared a special moment together on stage at the House of Blues.
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A true test of faith — that’s what Patrick Gibson said he witnessed in a waiting room at Orlando Regional Medical Center Sept. 6, 2018.

That’s what Foundation Academy parents Brian and Betsy Trinder faced when they heard the news — that their son, Bailey, had less than a 3% chance to live because of head trauma following a car accident.

Bailey — a star football player for Foundation Academy — needed prayer, and that led to a waiting room getting filled to capacity with the teammates, ministers and friends.

And in the Trinder family’s darkest hour, their faith would not be shaken.

“I remember Betsy and Brian coming down to give us the news that the doctor said there would be a 3% chance of survival for Bailey,” Gibson said. “They stated, ‘It’s all in God’s hands, and if God decides to take our baby, then His will be done.’ … Man, that was powerful. Talk about your faith being held to the flame.”

Fast-forward to the present day, and Bailey not only is alive but back in school, though he’s paralyzed from the waist down and relies on a motorized wheelchair.

His ability to walk might be gone, but an enduring testimony remains — and it’s now being told through music.

Country singer/songwriter Patrick Gibson shared Bailey Trinder’s story through song.
Country singer/songwriter Patrick Gibson shared Bailey Trinder’s story through song.

Gibson, a Clermont country singer/songwriter, celebrated the Trinder family with the release of his new song “We’re Gonna Do This (Bailey’s Song)” at a live concert Friday, Aug. 16, at the House of Blues in Disney Springs — a chance to share Bailey’s inspiring story.

Gibson — who attends Tuscanooga Baptist Church with the Trinder family and was a neighbor for a period of time — was inspired by not only Bailey’s strength as he embarked on a new chapter in his life, but also his parents’ faith during such a difficult time — the faith shown in that waiting room.

The day after the accident, Gibson picked up his guitar and started writing.

“I just started playing and I just started putting these lyrics out,” Gibson said. “It was amazing how it all came together, but the song is not a story of mine — it’s truly a testimony of Bailey through song. At the end of the day, it’s not my story to tell, so I’m blessed that I’ve had the opportunity to be in the lives of this family and Bailey and share the music, not just to share their story, but to testify.”

On Friday night at the House of Blues, Gibson and his band performed the song live and had Brian, Betsy and Bailey join them onstage. Gibson shared the family’s story before the band built back into a low chorus as the audience sang along: “We’re gonna do this, God is gonna see this through, together as a church there is nothing we can’t do. There’s gonna be mountains, and walls we’ll have to climb, but with hope, faith, family and strength, we’re gonna do this.”

It wasn’t about the show, it wasn’t about the music, and it wasn’t about himself, Gibson said. It was about a testimony .

“I didn’t write the story — the story was already written, from the Trinders and God,” Gibson said. “To be able to take those words and put it all on paper and push it out and feed it out, that’s pretty amazing.”

Bailey said he was thrilled to hear the song performed live in front of an audience.

“Mr. Patrick came to me and showed me a clip of it that he was working on, and we just sat down and came up with the rest of it,” Bailey said. “It’s pretty neat to see the final thing come through.”

“I picture it as that was the waiting room that night — even though I wasn’t there and I don’t remember it,” he said.

For Bailey’s father, it was the first time he’d heard the song all the way through, he said.

“Patrick would send it to me and I’d start it, and I couldn’t get through it,” Brian said.

Gibson added that he hopes the song lifts the spirits of listeners whenever they hear it.

“Our whole purpose was to get people to sing back and be that strength and reconfirmation to the Trinder family — together, as a church, we’re going to do this,” Gibson said.

“How many other people in that crowd did we touch with that that’s going through something and needs that reminder?”

Bailey is still pressing forward with the support of his family and friends. He’s set to graduate on time from Foundation Academy with his friends and peers.

“Bailey is truly an inspirational person to many ... believers and non-believers,” Gibson said. “He’s a remarkable kid. … I’m super excited to see Bailey moving forward.”


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