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85 years ago

Clermont fell into the clutches of the superior Lakeview Red Devils with Ward Britt and Edwin Pounds scoring touchdowns.


80 years ago

Three Winter Garden girls, Carolyn Peters, Jane Ruth Fairchild and Christine Kitchen, will be presented formally to society at the second Apollo Club Ball at the Orlando Auditorium. Last year's debs were Evelyn Bray, Alice Roper, Elizabeth Ezzard, Frances Peters, Mary Emily Sadler, Wilma Tilden and Virginia Tilden.


75 years ago

An informal dance honoring the 352nd Searchlight Battalion and other Army outfits stationed here will be held in the City Auditorium. All service men and local girls are invited to attend, and there will be an orchestra.


65 years ago

The Winter Garden Welfare League is planning a special night of enjoyment for the dancing couples of West Orange. There will be a Christmas Ball in the City Auditorium. The ladies will wear semi-formals. The price will be $1 per person.


50 years ago

From Barbs & Bouquets by Don: We know many men who don't shave on Sundays and who wear clothes disgraceful to their wives. Probably just a rebellion against social mores and harmless enough. Perhaps our churches should provide special pews for such outcasts; it might help church attendance.


40 years ago

West Orange Memorial Hospital opened its new pediatric unit — another segment handsomely refurbished. Most of the children are patients of either Dr. Carter or Dr. Alvarez.


10 years ago

After a 10-year struggle, the Nehrling Society finalized the purchase of Gotha's Palm Cottage Gardens from owner Barbara Bochiardy. The next step was kicking off a major capital campaign and conducting a clean-up of the house and gardens.




The Winter Garden Times

Dec. 5, 1968

The new Ramada Inn, on Highway 50 in Ocoee, invited the public to an open house to take a tour of the "lovely new motor inn." An advertisement touted the hotel as the ultimate in luxury with 150 spacious luxury rooms, a penthouse apartment, a large dining room, beautiful Spanish decor, two pools for children and adults, convention facilities and a cocktail lounge for more than 50 people.

It had been renamed the Colony Plaza Hotel by the time it was demolished in 2009.



Staff at Leader's Department Store in Winter Garden are ready to assist with your holiday shopping in this photograph dated Dec. 23, 1933. Originally housed in the Dillard and Boyd (Bond) building located on the southwest corner of Plant and Main streets, the business later moved a few doors west.
The Winter Garden Heritage Foundation preserves photographs and artifacts from area businesses dating back to the 19th century. Call (407) 656-3244 to make a research appointment.



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