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A senior co-captain on the Olympia girls soccer team, Cisewski is passionate about her sport, as she leads the Titans on the field.

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  • | 10:30 a.m. January 30, 2019
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A senior co-captain on the girls soccer team at Olympia, Cameron Cisewski has played a big role in the Titans’ successes on the pitch. As a leader, she’s helped teammates better understand the game while simultaneously taking her game to new heights. After she graduates this spring, she will be playing soccer at the next level at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


When did you get into playing soccer?

I started playing soccer — recreationally — at St. Luke’s throughout elementary school. I did dance, and I did a couple of other sports, but then I decided I liked soccer the best, so I started playing club soccer in fourth grade. 


What drew you to the sport?

I think that it’s just not a black-and-white game — you have to be strategic and know what you’re doing, and anything can happen. I also like the team aspect of it, and having a team there to support you. The thing that really drew me to it was the skill that you need to have to play it and the dedication.


What’s been your favorite part about playing soccer at Olympia?

It’s definitely the players on the team, because everyone comes together, and it’s such a family when we play during the season. We have certain bonding activities, but I think it’s when we face our rivals — like DP and West Orange — that’s when we really come together.


What’s the most difficult aspect when it comes to soccer?

It’s definitely the mental strength and being able to push harder. In the last quarter (of the game), it’s having the mental strength to push harder and push through.


What would you say is the strongest aspect of your game?

My biggest thing is communication on the field. I’m constantly talking throughout the game and supporting my players and just giving them pointers on what they can do better for the next play.


What’s your meal of choice?

Definitely a Mexican meal with chips and salsa, and then probably chicken and cheese quesadilla. Chuy’s has the best chips and salsa ever.


In your free time, what do you enjoy doing?

In my free time, I am either sleeping or with my friends — that or shopping, I love shopping.


What are your plans after you graduate?

When I graduate I’m going to the University of Illinois at Chicago to play Division I soccer there. I’m excited for all the seasons there, and to experience the cold and the big city. I’m going to be majoring in business and marketing there, because I’ve been taking four years of marketing at Olympia. It’s a big change.



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