West Orange Sports Spotlight: Aidan Williams

Williams is a member of the Dr. Phillips Little League 10s All-Star team, where he plays a variety of positions.

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  • | 11:55 a.m. June 12, 2019
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Recently selected to the 2019 Dr. Phillips Little League 10s All-Star team, Aidan Williams is a player who has found success on the mound and at catcher and shortstop. Williams has been a part of DPLL for six seasons now, and he doesn’t plan on quitting any time soon. 


How long have you been playing baseball?

At first I didn’t want to play, but my parents made me and I loved it so much that I kept going and now I just don’t want to stop doing it. This is my sixth season.


What’s been your favorite part about playing the game?

It’s fun and if you make a mistake then you can redeem yourself.


What’s the hardest part about baseball?

Probably throwing in the box (when pitching). Because it’s like a small box that you have to throw strikes in.


You play a few positions, but do you have a favorite?

Shortstop, because for me I feel like I get the most action there. You get the ball most, and if the outfielder gets the ball you get to be the cutoff man. 


What would you say have been the best words advice you’ve been given?

Never give up.


Is there a moment that stands out to you?

Probably last year’s All-Stars championship game. It wasn’t really my moment, but it was my team’s moment — I loved how we work as a team and never gave up. We were going against Winter Garden and even in the hard times we kept sticking with it.


Do you have a favorite MLB player or team that you like to follow?

The Yankees and Aaron Judge. I feel like he also sticks with it and never gives up — like when he gets hurt he just keeps playing because he doesn’t want to let his team down.


Coming into this season, was there anything you were looking to work on?

Yeah, like my dad said, “There is no walking around on the field,” so I just keep hustling.


What’s that like, playing for your dad (the team’s assistant coach)?

It’s something that I enjoy, because he helps me a lot and if I’m going through a hard time I can ask him and then he’ll help me.


What’s your favorite thing about playing with this team?

They’re always excited and it’s just fun to play with them, because they always bring you up when you make a mistake.


Would you like to play baseball in high school? And would you like to stay at pitcher?

Yeah, and I like pitcher, but I’m hoping to play somewhere else, because I can play any position.


What do you enjoy like doing in your free time?

Either playing video games or playing with my brother. 



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