Meet Windermere Town Council candidate Dina Pryor

Read our Q&A with Windermere Town Council candidate Dina Pryor

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  • | 8:30 p.m. March 9, 2019
Dina Pryor.
Dina Pryor.
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  • Name: Dina Pryor
  • Age: 52
  • Education: AA at Santa Fe Comm. College, Gainesville, Florida
  • Occupation: I entered the Retail Sales market, quickly moving and enjoying retail management for over 25+ years. I am currently employed as a manager for World Market at the Winter Garden Village. In addition, I hold a current Florida Real Estate License

What motivated you to run for town council again?

Safety: Speeding cut-thru traffic on our side streets; studies recommended barricades at interior road intersections. However, the town council voted to opt for an increase in police presence by placing an additional officer in the most affected areas during peak traffic periods. I preferred this approach. I have seen the officers and believe this may be a successful remedy without “punishing” residents with uncomfortable re-routing.

Street lights: We need additional street lights. Current spacing is insufficient to safely light our main sidewalks and streets.

If elected, what would be your top three priorities for the town?

  • Paving the streets in the Willows. Many residents here and in other recently annexed HOA subdivisions feel ignored. I want them to know that a vote for me places their voice on the Council.
  • Repairing the sidewalks in The Manors... and then along Main Street. These are very unsafe in numerous areas.
  • Developing and implementing a long term plan to add street lights, benches and live oaks along our entrances into Town: Main Street, Park Avenue and Sixth Avenue. AND fund-raising ideas, donations and methods to fund these incremental improvements.

Why should town residents vote for you?

I believe everyone running will be dedicated and work hard to achieve the agenda items they have presented here. However, for me, the job will be more “listening” and pursuing the needs, interests and desires of ALL residents. I can promise my full availability to our residents and their concerns. In addition, being a good steward of our tax dollars. There are instances where monies are spent needlessly when residents have volunteered the services. These opportunities should be embraced.

What do you feel is the best way for the town to handle its ongoing cut-through traffic issues?

We have nearly 30,000 “average daily trips” through town. It will increase, and there is nothing we can do about that. Two approaches that have been discussed- 1. Move traffic through town as quickly as possible (using) round-a-bouts, or make it difficult and a pain in the neck by adding stop signs at every intersection. (Sentence omitted). Seriously, though, I tend to believe option 1 (is) our best approach. I could see adding a round-a-bout at Windermere and Maguire Roads.

Where do you stand regarding the town’s initiative to provide safer, modern facilities for the town’s administration personnel and police officers?

Absolutely Support. Our police department has to leave town and set up a command post at the Ocoee Police Department during severe weather. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. The police department has risen to the highest level...almost. To achieve accreditation, a “hardened building” is required. Our staff deserves an environment conducive to performing at the level of excellence they have demonstrated and we, as residents, have come to expect. Finally, we have a lifelong resident who is a General Contractor, a new resident who is a Mechanical Contractor and subcontractors that have offered their services! Embrace volunteers!

Some believe the town needs better protections for its trees. What specific changes, if any, would you like to see in the town regarding environmental protections?

The town has worked hard to improve protection for our lakes from stormwater runoff. This has been, and will continue, to be a challenge we must meet. As a "Designated Bird Sanctuary," trees are a high priority. Laurel Oaks are a birds home preference. These must be replaced for a continuing favorable eco-niche. However, along Park, Sixth and Main, envision a Live Oak Canopy encompassing the roads as you enter town! This will certainly add to property values! Create a savings budget and do the work when the monies have been saved. Our grandchildren will view this with amazement.

How would you improve communication between the town administration and residents?

Town staff has strived to reach out to the residents. However, I have found many who have no idea what is going on in town.

  • First, better web site. More interactive. Why isn’t video fly around of new Town Annex on web site? I understand that work is ongoing to improve this.
  • A concerted effort to obtain email addresses of every household, every person who wants these town notifications.
  • Text Alerts
  • Finally, a personal visit by the town manager, mayor, councilman, volunteer or other. 
  • (and) to any household not reached by other means. Especially if they’re more then 75 years old. This is our Heritage... how the town has always done it!


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