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The Foundation Academy junior runner recently set records with his run in the 400m at states.

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  • | 1:15 p.m. May 15, 2019
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Since starting track in the eighth grade, Parker Tallis has grown as a runner. The Foundation Academy junior just finished 10th overall in the 400m at the FHSAA state meet, where he broke a personal and school record with a time of 51.2 seconds. When he’s not running, Tallis enjoys hanging out with friends and family in his free time.


When did you first start running?

I started playing football for the school in eighth grade, and during the offseason my parents were like, “Oh you’re going to do track, too.” I was like, “Please no” — I really didn’t want to do track. In eighth grade, I ran the 400m — my first race ever — and I won. I started to get more and more into it … and then I just kept on with it. This year is the first year I got into cross country.


What was it about running track that made you want to do keep going?

I feel like it was something that came easier for me, and it was the simplicity of the sport, and the feeling of crossing the finish line in first place was just something that I’ve never felt with a sport before. With other sports I’ve played, you practice nonstop, but you win as a team. But to be able to win as a solo person — it felt more accomplishing and more rewarding.


You’ve been running for a while now. What’s been your favorite thing about your sport?

I love meet days. It’s an all-day thing for track, and just spending time with friends and hanging out between events and being able to cheer everyone else on — and have them cheer you on — is just so much fun. 


In your first appearance at states, you finished 10th overall in the 400m and broke a personal and school record in the event. What was that like?

I was nervous for so long, because I was the only person from our school (who) went to states from the track team, so I was just there with my coach. I was just trying to collect my thoughts and get more focused for the race, because a lot of races I feel like I wasn’t mentally there. Then, we had to wait forever because of the lightning, so it was definitely chaotic. But I feel like for where I was on the track — I was on the very outside lane, so that’s just tougher to run with — I feel like I ran really, really well. It was a good experience for me.


Is track something you’d like to do at the next level?

I’ve thought about it — I’ve looked at certain colleges and I’ve got emails from certain colleges, but I just want to see where my senior year takes me. I would love to if given an opportunity.



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