Sports Spotlight: Nathan Cramer

A member of Windermere Little League's Astros team, Cramer is a passionate baseball fan who loves the Detroit Tigers.

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  • | 11:00 a.m. May 18, 2019
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A sixth-grader at SunRidge Middle, Nathan Cramer is a dual threat at the outfield and pitcher position for the Astros (11 to 12 year olds) of the Windermere Little League. Cramer is a fan of the Detroit Tigers — especially Miguel Cabrera — and hopes to go see a game at Comerica Park someday.


How long have you been playing baseball?

It was when I was about 4, and I don’t really remember what made it so that I got interested then. But whatever it was just stuck. 


What’s been your favorite part about playing Little League baseball?

I like just how baseball is different than other sports. Instead of going back and forth and scoring, I like how you get to do something new each time.


What’s your favorite thing about playing pitcher and outfielder?

In outfield, I just like how if there is a play out there you have to do everything you can to get it. And pitcher, I like how you’re a part of every play, and if you mess up, you have another opportunity right away. Mostly I pitch more.


What is the most challenging aspect when it comes to pitching?

Trying to throw a strike without the hitter being able to hit it, so trying to make sure you hit the spot.


Do you have any pitches that you like to throw?

I’m working on kind of a curveball, but my fastballs are my primary pitches, and then I have a changeup.


What would you say is some of the best advice you’ve been given when it comes to playing baseball?

Someone told me once — it was a while ago — that you shouldn’t just try to do too much. If you just don’t try to hit a home run every time, then it’s going to come naturally.


What’s been the biggest highlight moment for you when it comes to playing baseball?

It’s not like a specific moment, but if I have a really good game, and I have a lot of strikeouts or I’m throwing the ball well, those I will remember and I think back to them when I’m trying to do the same thing (again).


Do you have a favorite baseball team/player you enjoy watching?

I like the (Detroit) Tigers and Miguel Cabrera. My dad is from Michigan, so I kind of just followed what he liked.


How is this season going for you so far?

For me, it’s been good — I think it’s one of my better seasons.



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