Sports Spotlight - Windermere Observer: Will Sullivan

Dr. Phillips baseball’s Will Sullivan has wrapped up his high-school career and is preparing for the start of his collegiate career at Troy University this fall.

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  • | 12:44 a.m. May 27, 2019
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Dr. Phillips first baseman Will Sullivan has just wrapped up his high-school baseball career and graduated Wednesday. The standout grad plans to spend his summer working out and preparing to head to Troy University in the fall to study exercise science and start his collegiate career. He also set or tied no less than four records this year, including recording the highest batting average for a season at .541. 

What got you into playing baseball?

Probably my older brothers. Ever since I was young — my oldest brother is four years old than me, so he was playing tee-ball by the time I was born — I just kind of played my whole life.

What do you love most about the game?

There’s something new every day. In baseball you can go out and play and have something new happen every game. It’s always different.

Now that your senior season has wrapped up, what will you miss the most about playing for Dr. Phillips?

I’m gong to miss a lot — just the family we had there. It was a tight-knit group and it sucks that it’s over, but we’re moving on.

Why did you choose Troy University for your collegiate career?

It’s a small town, everybody loves the coaches and it felt like home when I stepped on campus there. It was beautiful and I just fell in love with the place.

What will you study at Troy?

Exercise science. I want to do physical therapy.

What’s going to be the biggest hurdle for you in your transition from high school to college?  

Managing my time. I think having to do everything on my own, more independently, I’m going to have to manage my time better.

Do you have a most memorable moment of your high-school career?

The two that stand out to me are Lake Mary last year — beating them in the regional finals to go to the final four — or beating Olympia this year in the regular season because we lost to them in the postseason. 

What is the best baseball-related advice you’ve been given?

Keep it simple. I mean, it’s a hard game and you fail a lot but you’ve got to keep it simple and it usually works.

Who was your funniest teammate at Dr. Phillips?

Diego Garcia, the catcher. He was always there to lighten the mood and he was a funny guy all around, just knew how to make people laugh.

Is there an aspect of your game you’re looking to focus on improving?

About my game, probably defensive. That’s what I feel like probably needs the most work, and I feel like that’s where I could make the most leaps. Other than that, just getting bigger, stronger and faster.

Who is your favorite MLB team?

The Red Sox. I just grew up watching them and they’ve always been my team.

What are you summer plans?

Absolutely nothing — working out and getting ready to go off to school.

You love fishing: What type of fishing, and how often do you go?

Freshwater fishing. I fish for bass and I don’t go often during season, but offseason I probably go two to three times a week. The biggest fish I’ve caught was 7 pounds.

If you had your dream meal in front of you right now, what would it be?

Probably barbecue, a pulled pork sandwich. It has to be a sandwich.

What is your dream car?

Realistically probably a Corvette. Unrealistically, a Koenigsegg Agera. Just the design stands out to me. It’s striking.

Are you watching anything good on Netflix right now?

The only thing I really watch on Netflix right now is a Formula 1 show. It’s a documentary about Formula 1 and it just caught my interest.


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