West Orange Times: Sports Spotlight — Amin Ferreira

West Orange senior Amin Ferreira’s love for the game of soccer is a tradition in the family.

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  • | 12:00 p.m. November 20, 2019
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A senior on the West Orange boys soccer team, Amin Ferreira is a talented midfield player whose love for soccer goes back to his childhood growing up in Brazil. Ferreira models his game after two of his favorite players — Casemiro (of Real Madrid) and Arthur Melo (of Barcelona).


When did you first get into soccer?

I’ve been playing soccer for all of my life. My cousins and my dad all played pro, and I’m Brazilian too, so it’s like, ever since I was little it was like, “You’re going to play soccer.” I’ve been playing for awhile.


What’s been your favorite part about playing soccer at West Orange?

It’s just going year to year, and seeing the evolution of the players — the little guys who used to be freshmen, who have become such great players now. Even me — I didn’t make the team as a freshman, and now I’m one of the key players on the team.


What is your favorite aspect of the game?

I think my favorite aspect of the game is when you’re in the finals or really tough moment, and you winning and the emotion you get when you score a goal in the last minute. 


What’s the most challenging part of soccer for you?

Probably attacking — scoring goals, because I’m a defensive player, and when there are a lot of people I get kind of nervous but I’m trying to get over that fear.


What are some of the best words of advice you’ve been given about soccer?

Honestly, just never give up, even if you’re playing bad. I get really frustrated when I play bad, so my teammates are always telling me, “You’re good, keep it up, you’re going to be fine.” It’s good to hear.


Is there a highlight moment that stands out to you?

When we were playing Ocoee to make it into the semis of districts, we were down 1-0 with 10 minutes left and we scored two goals in five minutes. And then we scored one goal in overtime — it was such a good moment.


Do you have a favorite player that you look up to?

In my position, my favorite player to watch is Casemiro — who plays for Real Madrid — and also Arthur (Melo), he plays for Barcelona. They’re really good players — I look up to them a lot and I try to play like them.


What happens after you graduate?

This year I’m going to a bunch of ID camps and my team is playing in a lot of tournaments and showcases where there are going to be a lot of colleges watching us. Hopefully I can get to school — that’s my dream. If that doesn’t happen then I’ll probably just go to college and study — I’m going to do sports medicine either way to be involved with sports.


If you could play — and excel — at any other position on the field, where would you want to play?

Probably an attacking position. Honestly, I feel like I could do good in an attacking position. I used to play at striker, but my coach put me up there because I’m big and I can body kids.


What’s your ideal meal after a game?

My dad makes some good steak. Steak, rice and beans — I love that. Brazilian food in general is just too good.


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