West Orange Times: Sports Spotlight — Lidney St.juste

Lidney St.juste is thriving at a new school on the football field.

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  • | 12:14 p.m. October 2, 2019
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After transferring from Olympia High School, running back Lidney St.juste is making noise in his first and final year at Central Florida Christian Academy on the football field for the Eagles. St.juste is the leading rusher on the team and has become a workhorse for Head Coach Jeremy Campbell’s offense.


When did you first get into football?

I got into football in sixth grade — I didn’t know anything about football, but I was automatically good at it. It became my dream, so I’ve been playing football ever since. 


This is your first year at CFCA after transferring from Olympia; what’s it been like for you?

It’s a good experience, because it’s like a family here and I like it. I’ve just been fighting — we’re 1-4, but we have been fighting. We just need to start working as a team and start getting better — (though) we are getting better.


What was it like beating Windermere Prep?

It felt great, and then we won as a team — we worked hard for that. Everyone was working on task, everybody was doing their job and it was a good feeling.


Did you have any goals coming into this season?

My goal was to just work hard and see what happens this year, and work as a team with my teammates.


What’s your favorite part about playing running back? What’s the most difficult aspect?

The good thing about playing that position is I put the team on my back and I just work hard at it — I’ve been working hard at the position all my life. I study different running backs and how they play. The bad part about it is when your linemen don’t block — that’s tough.


When you line up for a play, what’s going through your head?

I already know all the plays. First I read how the defense is playing — if you’re playing wrong, I’m going to run all over you. My coach is going feed me the ball … so he is going to feed me until they try to stop me and it’s hard to stop me sometimes.


What are the best words of advice you’ve been given about football?

Work harder and play smarter — that’s from my uncle, Edgerrin James. He was a very good running back, and I go to his camp — he taught me well.


If you could play any other position and excel at it, where would you want to play?

Linebacker — I like to hit. I’m about to play both ways this Friday — I’m playing defensive end. I’m helping the team, because one of our teammates got injured … I play anywhere, I’m an athlete.


Do you have a favorite player you like watching?

Deandre Swift, he plays for the University of Georgia. That man is electrifying — he’s so elusive and he is so patient. 


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