West Orange Times: Sports Spotlight — Kaitlyn Ramsdale

Legacy High junior Kaitlyn Ramsdale is coming up big on the volleyball court.

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  • | 12:05 p.m. October 9, 2019
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A junior outside hitter on the Legacy Charter volleyball team, Kaitlyn Ramsdale has racked up numbers left and right to help the Eagles to their current record of 15-2. Ramsdale leads the team in kills (194) and serving aces (38), while ranking third in digs (152).


When did you first get into volleyball?

Probably in eighth grade. I was just kind of doing everything my friends were doing it, so I decided to join.


What was it about volleyball that made you stick with it?

The people — again — they’re all my friends and I just kept playing because it was really fun.


What’s been your favorite thing about playing volleyball at Legacy?

Probably the coaches and a lot of the players that I’ve known since I first started playing.


Have you ever played any other position besides outside hitter?

In sixth grade I played setter and then last year I played middle, but the other two years I’ve normally played outside hitter.


What’s the hardest aspect of playing at outside hitter?

I think the hardest part is you staying out there a lot, especially since we don’t have a lot of people. And if you make a mistake you just have to get over it and not let it affect you.


What’s your favorite part about playing the position?

There’s a lot of opportunities that you can make points on, so it’s  (fun).


What are the best words of advice you’ve been given about volleyball?

Don’t let anyone get into your head … because it’ll affect how you play.


Have you played any other sports besides volleyball?

I play basketball and softball, but volleyball (is my favorite). I actually just started playing both of those (basketball and softball). I played basketball my freshman year, but I was really busy. I had a busy schedule with school, and with volleyball — I played club my freshman year too — so I was practicing (a lot).


How do you manage to successfully juggle school, homework and volleyball?

You just have to learn to prioritize things and not get distracted. I would do homework a lot on the go — because I live decently far away. We’d go out to dinner and I’d work on homework there and learn to get things done really fast.


Is volleyball something you’d like to do at the next level?

I’d think it would be fun, but I’d like to focus on my education and stuff like that.


Coming into the season, did you have any goals in mind — either individually or for the team?

Probably to win districts, because we have a really good opportunity this year.


How’s the season been for you so far?

This season has been really fun, because it’s our senior setter’s last year and I’ve played with her the whole time, so we’re best friends. I’m trying to enjoy the moments we can before she leaves and goes off to college.



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