Scout creating heritage memorial for Eagle project

Caleb Farr currently is raising funds for his project to be built in Oakland’s Speer Park.

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The Eagle scout project is ambitious, but Caleb Farr is just 14, so he has time to complete his project before his 18th birthday.

Caleb has presented his plans to scout leaders and now is raising funds for a heritage memorial to be constructed in Speer Park, in Oakland.

The project is envisioned for the northeast part of the park; it will include a flagpole and American flag, solar-powered light, two park benches, a circular sidewalk and four concrete monuments that will pay homage to the town of Oakland’s mayors, police chiefs and notable town residents, plus one that recognizes military veterans.

“It shows a lot of history in one area … unlike for other history you have to go to (multiple) areas,” Caleb said. “This will give people a place to go for all the history of the town.”

Caleb, a life scout with Troop 145, in Oakland, has been meeting with town officials Steve Koontz and Mike Parker, as well as Mayor Kathy Stark, to work on the details of the project. He said Town Hall staff and the town’s Naming Committee been helpful in providing the lists of names needed for the memorial.

“I don’t want to be responsible for leaving someone out,” he said.

Caleb hopes to raise $4,500 for his project to purchase the necessary materials, including the benches and podiums. He is at $600, and his plan is to raise the remainder of the money by the end of the year and start his project in January. With enough help, he said, his project could be finished in a month.

He plans to use the same vendor the town used for its benches and monuments in the park to ensure a unified look throughout the park.

Any leftover funds will be donated to the town of Oakland to help with Speer Park maintenance, Caleb said.

The scout is active in his Order of the Arrow Chapter and Lodge, where he is in charge of the Order of the Arrow Museum at Camp La-No-Che, in Paisley.

Caleb is a freshman at West Orange High School and the son of Megan and Justin Farr, of Winter Garden.





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