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85 years ago

Through the courtesy of theater manager C.M. Biggers, the school milk fund matinees will return to the Winter Garden Theater. Biggers hopes to secure pictures that will be interesting to the children. Initiated several years ago by the Parent Teachers Association, the matinees raise money for milk for undernourished school children.


Winter Garden Elementary School started its activities with an enrollment of 289, against 258 the year before.


60 years ago

According to the Rev. Fay DeSha, the kindergarten of the First Baptist Church School has been expanded to three 5-year-old classes and one 4-year-old class.


45 years ago

The Star-Lite Drive-In Church marked its 21st anniversary at a well-attended 8:30 a.m. service. Dr. Roy Ben Ridley of the Winter Garden Methodist Church preached the message. Presently, Marvin Osborne is serving as pastor. Duck Teal, Larry Grimes, George VanDemark and Bob Boney have given much of their time and efforts to ensure the continuation of the drive-in church service.


40 years ago

Warrior football fans could pick up their season tickets for $15 for five home games at West Orange High School vs. Oak Ridge, Titusville, Edgewater, Evans and Apopka high schools.


30 years ago

Fourteen-year-old Mary Ellen Steplight, of Oakland, scored three gold, two silver and one bronze medal at the Junior National Wheelchairs Games in San Francisco.


10 years ago

The city of Ocoee began live streaming its website so residents could keep up with the city’s current events while watching Ocoee TV Live from the comfort of their home or office computers.

Dr. Rahim Jones, principal, welcomed his first students to the new Keene’s Crossing Elementary School.



The Winter Garden Times

Sept. 2, 1971

When the 1971 school year started at Ocoee High School, the Cardinals had a list of rules to follow when dressing for class. The Winter Garden Times printed the list so students knew what to expect “in order to maintain decorum and to keep good order.”

BOYS — Maximum hair length is midway between earlobe and shoulder. Hair should be combed out of eyes and off ears at all times. Sideburns can reach a maximum length even with a line parallel with the mouth. Mustaches must be trimmed. Beards or goatees are not permitted. Bermuda shorts in good taste are allowed. “Dress” T-shirts with sleeves and collar are allowed. Socks will be worn at the discretion of the student. Hot pants are not permitted. Loop-tailed dress shirts must be tucked in the trousers.

GIRLS — Apparel in good taste are allowed provided they include the following qualities: neat, trim, a length that would not be embarrassing to you or to those who view you; tight enough to be attractive but not tight enough to be revealing; should not be discolored, fringed or decorated to the point of informality with pictures, slogans, etc. Slacks must have hem on bottom of slack leg; no hip-huggers. Culottes, pant dresses, jump suits, maxis and scooter skirts are allowed. Shorts and hot pants are not allowed.



A century ago, construction began on the second Oakland Presbyterian Church building. The beautiful, ivy-covered structure, graced with stained-glass windows, stood on Oakland Avenue, replacing the congregation’s wooden church that was built in 1888 on Tubb Street. It was in use until 1971, when the present church building rose in its place.

Oakland Presbyterian Church is one of many religious structures featured in the current exhibit at the Winter Garden Heritage Museum, titled “Praise! From Tents to Temples: West Orange County Houses of Worship.”



Amy Quesinberry

Community Editor Amy Quesinberry was born at the old West Orange Memorial Hospital and raised in Winter Garden. Aside from earning her journalism degree from the University of Georgia, she hasn’t strayed too far from her hometown and her three-mile bubble. She grew up reading The Winter Garden Times and knew in the eighth grade she wanted to write for her community newspaper. She has been part of the writing and editing team since 1990.

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