Girl power: Mighty Girls Fitness now open in Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park resident Kaci Line is opening her boutique fitness studio, Mighty Girls Fitness, in the Village Center.

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  • | 3:33 p.m. September 20, 2019
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Forget flower power: At Mighty Girls Fitness, it’s all about the girl power.

The boutique fitness studio, located on New Broad Street in the Village Center, is now open. It’s the brainchild of Baldwin Park resident Kaci Line, and the concept has been five years in the making.

Line herself is a huge fan of fitness and working out, and she estimates she has tried almost every workout in Orlando over the last 20 years — from kickboxing, CrossFit and yoga to ultrarunning, barre and boot camps.

But the concept for Mighty Girls came to be when Line attended a fitness retreat a few years ago and came back inspired.

“I came back so empowered and (with) so much confidence that I thought to myself, ‘What if teen girls had the confidence that I had? Wouldn’t that be so amazing as a teen to have confidence? How powerful would that be?’” she says. “I got that confidence by just my physical activity — working so hard at a physical feat broke me down enough to build me up. I want to work with teens and build confidence in women because I feel awesome and I want others to feel this awesome.”

Line, a certified personal trainer, has an extensive background in law. She has been a law professor, an attorney and assistant dean of a law school, so teaching has always come naturally to her. She combined her passion for physical fitness with her passion for teaching, and she also is a group fitness instructor and certified RRCA run coach.

“I just said, ‘Now is the time to do it — let’s go make this happen,’” she says. “I went back and got all my certifications and spent time learning and training. I started personal training, I started the fitness classes out of Dance360, and that’s how I started classes here.” 

I got that confidence by just my physical activity — working so hard at a physical feat broke me down enough to build me up.” — Kaci Line

After deciding to make the leap and open her own fitness studio, Line began looking for the perfect space. She knew she wanted to offer many different types of workouts, too — she had been paying for different packages and memberships at multiple fitness locations herself, and she knew it was important to be able to offer multiple modalities under one roof.

“If you can change it up and do something different every day, you’re more likely to stick with some sort of physical activity,” she says. “That’s why we are going to offer multiple classes, and not just for one age group. There is something for everyone.”

She came across the space on New Broad Street late last year and has spent much of 2019 going through the permitting process and getting paperwork done to take over the space. Now that she is in it, it’s all about renovations and preparing for the grand opening.

Mighty Girls Fitness will offer more than 15 different classes for girls and women ages 8 and up. There are classes that cater specifically to “tweens,” or ages 8 to 12; classes that cater to teenagers; classes for women 55 and older; and offerings for every age in between.

Some of these classes include different forms of yoga, Core and More (55+), teen and tween fitness, barre, HIIT, boot camp, CardioDance and BBG (Bellies, Buns and Guns). 

Line currently has six instructors on board, all of whom will be helping teach different classes. Additionally, each class is limited to 10 people in order to keep it small and individualized.

“I’ve been so lucky to have amazing instructors, which is super exciting,” Line says. “Every single one brings something awesome to the table.”

Mighty Girls Fitness offers several different price levels for the group fitness classes. Clients can drop in on a class for $20 or buy five-, 10- or 20-class packages. There also is an option for 30 days of unlimited classes. Additionally, Mighty Girls offers personal training and running coaching. 

“Seeing women have that confidence is so rewarding and that’s what I wanted to focus on then, just picking up someone’s confidence,” Line says. “We are building a community — I want this to be your place to go where you feel comfortable. It’s women supporting women. ... This is my home, this is my town, this is my community and I really couldn’t be anywhere else.”


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