Church at the Cross adding worship space

When the building project is finished next spring, the church will have a dedicated sanctuary.

A preliminary rendering of the future chapel of Church at the Cross.
A preliminary rendering of the future chapel of Church at the Cross.
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Senior Pastor Dr. Clayton Cloer says the time is now.

After years of trying to make one large facility work for nearly 1,000 people, the Church at the Cross has embarked on a multi-year campaign to enlarge its church campus with the construction of its first dedicated worship space.

The church’s pastors and members of the building committee participated in a groundbreaking ceremony Aug. 25, turning the dirt to symbolize the start of construction on an 8,500-square-foot building. It will be located at the western edge of the cross courtyard; the church office was relocated to make room for this addition.

Cloer said the facility will include a 450-seat chapel, a 1,100-square-foot foyer, audiovisual rooms, a bridal room, expansive porch and rest rooms.

The church is growing — as are its two organizations, Central Florida Christian Academy and the Performing Arts Academy of Central Florida —and there is a need for venues of varying sizes.

“We have a large venue where we can have 1,000 people, but we have so many events that require a smaller venue, events like weddings and funerals … and these settings require a more intimate space for gathering,” Cloer said.

Church at the Cross is home to multiple different language communities, as well as small groups that hold fellowship and worship experiences for various demographic groups.

“We have a lot of smaller groups that make up the big group,” Cloer said. “All of these are ministries of the church.”

Construction on the new chapel should be completed in April 2020.

The church is taking on multiple projects in the next two years, including renovations, and the Next Campaign has been asking for monetary commitments from church members and attendees.

The two-year construction period will be divided into three projects: the chapel, the contemporary worship center and the Champions building. Cloer estimates this multi-project campaign will cost up to $5 million.

Cloer is thrilled at the prospect of having actual worship space instead of using the large building that lacks intimacy and privacy.

“We’ve been making do with it, and we’ve been having all sizes of events in that one space,” he said.

Church officials are calling the Next Campaign a legacy for the next generation.

The church is at 700 Good Homes Road, Orlando.



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