Observer All-Area teams: Baseball

The top-baseball talent from around the Observer-coverage area shined despite the shortened season.

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  • | 5:30 p.m. April 15, 2020
Cooper Mills, Dr. Phillips
Cooper Mills, Dr. Phillips
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Although the season has not been officially canceled by the FHSAA, as the days pass, it seems more unlikely that spring teams will take the fields again this year.  

Despite the disappointment, it doesn’t mean their hard work should go unnoticed. 

That’s why the Observer is presenting its series of All-Area teams. This week, we’re honoring the best in baseball.



Jacob Worley, Legacy Charter, senior

Stats: .389 Avg, 18 RBIs, four extra-base hits; 1.05 ERA, 3-0 record, 33 strikeouts

Quick Hit: Worley was an all-around solid player for Legacy, leading the team in multiple categories at the plate and on the mound.


Isaac Sewell, TFA, sophomore

Stats: .000 ERA, 13 IP, 2-0 record, 22 Ks

Quick Hit: Through 13 innings of work this season, Sewell was largely untouchable as he dominated on the mound for the Royals.


Cooper Mills, Dr. Phillips, senior

Stats: .485 Avg, 12 RBIs, two extra-base hits

Quick Hit: Mills put up the highest average at the plate for the Panthers, making him an offensive threat.


Braden Holcomb, Foundation Academy, freshman

Stats: .611 Avg, 17 RBIs, 10 extra-base hits

Quick Hit: On a talented Foundation squad, Holcomb proved a threat at the plate as he picked a whopping .611 average and 17 RBIs.

Carson Montgomery, Windermere High
Carson Montgomery, Windermere High


Carson Montgomery, Windermere High, senior

Stats: .370 Avg, .452 OBP, six RBIs, two runs / 1.80 ERA, 11.2 IP, 1-0 record, 1.20 WHIP, 23 Ks

Quick Hit: Ever the 1-2 threat, the FSU commit’s season saw the senior do what he always does — dominate on the mound and at the plate.


Pablo Delgado, Windermere Prep, senior

Stats: .619 Avg, 11 RBIs, led team in hits, seven extra-base hits

Quick Hit: Delgado holds the highest batting average among players in the area.


Jack Bellah, Windermere High, junior

Stats: .42 ERA, 16.2 IP, 1-0 record, 18 strikeouts

Quick Hit: On the mound, Bellah dominated for the Wolverines as he pitched a team-best .42 ERA in a team-high 16.2 innings pitched.


Justin LaGasse, Legacy Charter, senior

Stats: .429 Avg, 13 RBIs, six extra-base hits, 12 stolen bases

Quick Hit: One of Legacy’s three outstanding seniors, LaGasse was not only a threat at the plate, he also wreaked havoc on the base paths, picking up 12 stolen bases.


Mitch Harding, Olympia, senior

Stats: 1.72 ERA, 3-0 record, 31 strikeouts

Quick Hit: Fewer pitchers got off to a hotter start than Harding before the season was suspended. He led his team in strikeouts and record.



Derek Arroyo, Dr. Phillips, senior

Stats: .345 Avg, 14 RBIs

Dylan Rose, Foundation Academy, sophomore

Stats: .464 Avg, six RBIs, one extra-base hit; 1.31 ERA, 2-0 record, 12 strikeouts

Adonis Stewart, Legacy Charter, sophomore

Stats: .500 Avg, nine RBIs; 1.91 ERA, 10 strikeouts

John Petit, TFA, senior

Stats: 0.61 ERA, 11.1 IP, 1-0 

record, one save, 16 strikeouts

Ricky Reeth, West Orange, junior

Stats: .400 Avg, five RBIs, 10 runs

William Ross, West Orange, sophomore

Stats: 1.47 ERA, 1-0 record, 21 strikeouts

Jason Grant, Windermere High, senior 

Stats: .387 Avg, .525 OBP, .548 SLG, five RBIs, 13 runs

Justin Lewis, Olympia, junior

Stats: .360 Avg, 12 RBIs

Alex Gonzalez, Legacy Charter, junior

Stats: .367 Avg, 12 RBIs, five extra-base hits



Brandon Fields, Dr. Phillips, senior

Stats: .379 Avg, eight RBIs, four extra-base hits

Matt Campina, TFA, senior

Stats: .389 Avg, .600 OBP, nine RBIs, seven runs

Justin LaGasse (right), Legacy Charter
Justin LaGasse (right), Legacy Charter

Jimmy Duncan, West Orange, senior

Stats: .375 Avg, 11 RBIs, led team in hits

Austin Tanner, Windermere Prep, senior

Stats: .500 Avg, five RBIs, 

second on team in hits

Jacob Pacheco, Windermere Prep, junior

Stats: 3.46 ERA, 2-0 record, one game saved, 22 strikeouts

Keenan Milroy, CFCA, junior

Stats: .378 Avg, .430 OBP

Gaven Book, Olympia, junior

Stats: 1.56 ERA, 1-2 record, 18 strikeouts

Andrew Birko, Legacy Charter, senior

Stats: .333 Avg, four RBIs; ERA 0.00, 10 strikeouts

Nico Banez, Olympia, sophomore

Stats: .423 Avg, four RBIs, five stolen bases



Logan Wirt, Dr. Phillips, sophomore

Stats: 3.82 ERA, 0-2 record, 18 strikeouts

JJ Paulsen, Dr. Phillips, junior

Stats: 3.39 ERA, 2-1 record, 10 strikeouts

Zale Lugo, Ocoee, freshman

Stats: .320 Avg, four RBIs

Brandon Merrill, Ocoee, senior

Stats: 2.98 ERA, 1-2 record, 17 strikeouts

Alex Britton, Olympia, senior

Stats: .360 Avg, seven RBIs, one homer, three stolen bases

Matt Barrett, TFA, senior

Stats: 4.35 ERA, 17.2 IP, 1-2 

record, one save, 16 strikeouts

Tracy Mitchem, West Orange, junior

Stats: .286 Avg, seven RBIs

Blake Cyr, Windermere High, sophomore

Stats: .300 Avg, five RBI, seven runs

Damian Goulart, Windermere High, junior

Stats: .296 Avg, nine RBIs, eight runs

Adam Matthews, CFCA, senior

Stats: .328 Avg, .395 OBP

Ivan Vanbeverhoudt, Dr. Phillips, senior

Stats: 2.94 ERA, 2-2 record, 15 strikeouts


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