Sports Spotlight: Aaron Leach

Olympia High sophomore Aaron Leach recently won the Florida Junior Tour tournament.

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  • | 3:27 p.m. August 26, 2020
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A sophomore golfer at Olympia High School, Aaron Leach is tearing up the course for the Titans and as an individual. Most recently, Leach — who averages about a 73 — won the Florida Junior Tour tournament (13-15 age group) at Sandridge Golf Club in Vero Beach.

When did you first get into golf?

I started playing golf since I was able to walk. We actually have an artificial turf putting green in our backyard, so ever since I was born, I was putting out there.

What is it about golf that has kept you in it for so long?

It’s very unique — no golf course is the same. When you make a good shot, it’s a satisfaction almost, and the conditions are not the same, so it’s just really fun to have a good challenge.

What is the biggest difference you’ve seen in your golf game since you first started?

Probably my mental game — it’s gotten a lot better staying more positive and not getting frustrated with bad shots.

When you’re having a bad day on the course, how do you get past that?

A bad day doesn’t define who you are, really. It’s also not the end of the world if you play (badly) — you have multiple days and years to improve.

What is your biggest strength when it comes to golf?

Probably my driver — I hit a lot of fairways, and I rarely miss them, so that’s a big, helpful aspect.

What’s your favorite part about playing golf?

My favorite thing about playing golf is probably meeting new people and playing new courses, and honestly seeing what you can do that day because every day is different. 

What’s the hardest part about playing golf?

It probably has to do with mental game. If you get frustrated, you’ll lose focus, and if you lose focus, you won’t play (well).

Do you have a favorite golfer?

I like Dustin Johnson. He’s like, very chill and his mindset is really good with golf — he doesn’t get upset by anything, and if he hits a bad shot, he’ll just shake it off and keep on continuing. Also, his long game is really good.

Do you have any goals in mind for this upcoming season?

I always like to improve strokes, because my average score right now is probably around 73 or 74, so I want to try to get to under par scoring average — that’s something I always like to try and beat.

You just won the Florida Junior Tour tournament (13-15 age group) at Sandridge Golf Club in Vero Beach. What was that like?

The course was really narrow — I was just trying to stay patient. It was also really windy, because it was on the beach — you can’t really control what the ball does in the air, because of the wind, so wherever the ball ends up, you just try and do your best to get the lowest score on the hole.


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