2020 Observer All-Area Volleyball Teams

A shortened season didn't stop local volleyball players from having outstanding years and shining through a difficult situation.

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  • | 2:56 p.m. December 16, 2020
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This past volleyball season was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.

Throughout the season, games in our coverage area were canceled, and others were moved around in a chess game to get in as many games as possible. That meant teams had to play more games in a week than they normally would. Despite the issues, there were highlights, and local student-athletes handled the challenges head-on.

Although the season was much shorter than in previous years and stats weren’t as robust as normal, we’ve decided to honor the best of the best as best as we possibly could. Here, we present our first All-Area Teams for volleyball.


Natalie Work

Windermere Prep, senior

Quick stats: 198 kills (team high), 21 blocks (team high), 113 digs

Kaitlyn Ramsdale

Legacy Charter, senior

Quick stats: 105 kills (team high), 34 aces (team high), 188 digging (team high)

Faithlyn Moss

Olympia, senior

Quick stats: 149 digs, 392 assists (team high)

Gabriella Armitage

Olympia, sophomore

Quick stats: 181 kills (team high), 23 blocks (tied team high), 102 digs

Madison Smith

West Orange, sophomore

Quick stats: 85 kills (team high), 117 digs

Julianna Miranda 

Olympia, senior

Quick stats: 134 kills, 113 digs


Oliva Osuna

Dr. Phillips, senior

*Quick stats: 12 kills, 41 digs, 142 assists (team high)

Abby Dickinson

Olivia Osuna (File photo)
Olivia Osuna (File photo)

Olympia, sophomore

Quick stats: 25 aces (team high), 340 digs (team high), 55 assists

Ana Bleeker

Windermere, junior

*Quick stats: 106 kills (team high), 17 assists, 11 blocks, 85 digs

Julia Kane

Windermere Prep, sophomore

Quick stats: 94 kills, 17 assists, 164 digs (team high)

Victoria Cortese

Foundation Academy, sophomore

Quick stats: 67 kills (team high), 20 aces, 192 digs (team high)

Alicia Virthe

Dr. Phillips, senior

Quick stats: 56 kills (team high), 10 assists, 14 blocks, 50 digs


Hannah Herbert

Foundation Academy, sophomore

Quick stats: 50 kills, 22 aces, 127 digs, 29 assists

Amanda Ford

Olympia, sophomore

Quick stats: 24 aces, 3 kills, 140 digs

Cambrie Riffe

West Orange, junior

Quick stats: 73 kills, 99 digs

Claudia Mendoza

West Orange, senior

Quick stats: 25 aces (team high), 135 assists (team high)

Danielle Work

Windermere Prep, sophomore

Quick stats: 65 kills, 18 aces (team high), 127 digs

Davie Wimberly

Legacy Charter, senior

Quick stats: 41 kills, 23 aces, 133 digs

* Denotes incomplete stats



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