Southwest Orange Observer: Sports Spotlight — Abigail Crain

Abigail Crain is a co-captain of the Windermere High girls basketball team.

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  • | 11:01 a.m. January 15, 2020
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As a co-captain on the Windermere High girls basketball team, junior point guard Abigail Crain is a leader on the court for head coach Misty Cox. Crain loves dishing the rock more than scoring, and her talent has already led to a scholarship to play basketball at Belmont Abbey in North Carolina.


When, and how, did you first get into basketball?

I started playing in Upward in third grade, but I started playing really competitively in sixth and seventh grade. In sixth grade I was kind of more into soccer, but one of my teammates — Sara Pedraza — she kind of influenced me more toward the basketball side. She introduced me to her trainer and the AAU team she played for. And then I got more into basketball and played with her in seventh grade. Since then it has been my favorite sport, and I just kept playing.


What has motivated you to stay in the game?

I love the idea of team sports, because I’m a big team-oriented person — the relationships that I get from the sport and the friendships I’ve built with everyone on the team. And obviously, I like the sport.


What has been your favorite part about playing basketball at Windermere?

I love our coaching staff — they all played at the next level, so they have great experience and you’re able to ask any of them questions and they actually know what they are talking about. And our team itself — we work really well together and we have a lot of trust in (one another) because we have that out of sports bond. We trust each other on and off the court.


Is there a highlight moment for you this season?

My favorite game would be — for this season — our win against Wekiva. We won by one or two. Right when the buzzer sounded we all rushed together, and we were all hugging (one another) and freaking out. We were so excited, because they won states last year, so we were like, ‘Shoot, if we can beat a team like that, we stand a chance against most teams.’


What is the hardest part about playing point guard?

My favorite thing and the most difficult thing are the same thing. I’m able to control the pace of the game and the pace of my team, but at the same time, it’s difficult when the other team is trying to rush us. But I love having the ball in my hand and calling out the plays and setting everyone up. I’d rather get an assist than a bucket myself.


Does being a co-captain add any stress onto your shoulders?

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve been captain since freshman year. Since before I was even named, I’ve acted the same way and have brought the same energy and the same uplifting attitude to practices and games for teammates. I don’t take that title lightly. … I’m like, ‘Oh, it is my duty to do this stuff and to be a positive voice on the court and to be there for my teammates off the court.’


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