Winter Garden business brings the party to residents

Party ‘N’ Roll is a Winter Garden mobile party service that brings the fun wherever it goes.

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  • | 1:58 p.m. January 15, 2020
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Mike Rodgers brings the party with him wherever he goes.

Rodgers and his wife, Bridget, are the owners of Party ‘N’ Roll, a Winter Garden-based family-owned mobile party business. Party N Roll is suited for birthday parties, school events, corporate events, fundraisers, church festivals and more. 

One of the ways Party N Roll brings the fun is in the form of a 38-foot motor coach Glamour Bus. The Glamour Bus can accommodate up to 20 children at a time and includes nine station areas offering hair, nails and makeup services. The bus also has a massage chair, crafts area, glam dress-up tree, video games, a dance area, a sing-along station, photo booth and more, and they even offer “Fairy Hair.” 

“We have all kinds of cool stuff for them to do on (the Glamour Bus),” Mike Rodgers said. “It’s popular for a lot of people to do spa-type parties. They do that by actually taking their kids to a spa location, or they have a couple of spa people come to their house. … So, I came up with a concept to drive (that experience) right to them and keep all the mess outside on the bus.

“(But) we don’t do spa parties,” he said. “We do glamour parties (because of) the aspect of all the other things — the photo booth, karaoke, Just Dance, Mario Kart, (other) video games, the massage chair. If they weren’t the one getting their hair and makeup done, they’re not just standing around waiting in line. They can play and interact.”

The Mobile Game Theater features multiple big-screen TVs, the latest video game consoles and more than 100 multiplayer games.
The Mobile Game Theater features multiple big-screen TVs, the latest video game consoles and more than 100 multiplayer games.

In addition to the Glamour Bus, Party ‘N’ Roll also offers a Mobile Game Theater, which is equipped with seven big-screen TVs. It has all the latest consoles and games and includes a wide selection of multiplayer games. The Game Theater has TVs both inside and outside and can accommodate up to 32 players simultaneously.

“Originally, I built the video game truck, which was six years ago,” Mike Rodgers said. “On the video game side, we have every system — Xbox One, PS4, (Nintendo) Switch — some of the old systems, 100 multiplayer games, and we even run a … cable into peoples’ houses to plug into a router if they want to play Fortnite … because that’s an online-only game. We have the whole inside of the truck networked, and then the kids can squad up right there side by side.”

Whenever Party ‘N’ Roll comes around, parents and children get a chance to play. While the children are out having fun in either the Glamour Bus or the Mobile Game Theater, parents get a chance to socialize without having to worry about their children, Mike Rodgers said.

“Basically, two parties break out,” he said. “I have the kids (on the bus) and they’re having a party and everything. And then inside the house, the parents are in peace and quiet and they’re having their own gathering simultaneously. They love it. (Parents) say to me, ‘So, can you stay another hour?”


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