Southwest Orange Observer: Sports Spotlight — Tyeree Bryan

Tyeree Bryan is a leader on the Olympia basketball team and hopes to play in college.

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  • | 12:58 p.m. January 22, 2020
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A junior on the Olympia boys basketball team, Tyeree Bryan has established himself as a leader for head coach Rob Gordon’s basketball program. Bryan, who aspires to one day play college basketball and become an engineer, is looking to help push the Titans into the playoffs.


How did you first get into basketball?

When I was around 6, I was playing at a local gym in Orlando. A coach noticed me and wanted me to play on his AAU team — try it out and practice with his squad. I’ve been playing ever since.


What has kept you in the game of basketball for so long?

I love playing the sport. At first, I was kind of good — but not really — but now I’ve gotten better. 


What has been your favorite part about playing basketball at Olympia?

Just the fun — I can just play basketball and have fun. And even though I’m having fun, I’m still learning about the game of basketball and playing with my teammates. I’ve basically had the same teammates since my freshman year.


What have been some things that you have learned about basketball during your time at Olympia?

Just a feel for the game, and realizing how hard you have to work to win a game and how hard you have to push (yourself).


What is the hardest part about playing at small forward? Your favorite part?

The hardest part is probably defense, because sometimes you’re going to get tired. At my position they switch me, so I have to guard one through four. What I like on offense is that most of the plays are already destined for that certain position (small forward), so it’s already a good place for me to be able to score.


Is there a highlight moment for you that stands out during your time at Olympia?

Probably game-winners — I had one so far this year. We were playing Bishop Moore at their school for a Christmas tournament, and we were down by one. I got to spot up in the corner for an open shot, and I knocked it down. It was just so fun that all my teammates were hyped, and the whole gym was going crazy. It was a really good experience.


Coming into the season, did you have any goals in mind that you were hoping to accomplish?

To win at least 10 games, to make it to districts and make it far into playoffs. I didn’t have any personal goals — just team goals — because as long as you work as a team, all of my personal goals are going to happen.


What’s it like to be a leader for your team?

It means a lot, but it has also been a challenge. I’m not really vocal at times, so I have to figure out how to be vocal. Also, being a lead guy, you can’t get on others if you’re not doing the same thing that you’re getting on them about. I have to be vocal and be an example for others.


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