Orange Observer: Sports Spotlight — Adyson Liddick

After breaking her foot last year, Adyson Liddick is back in the pitcher's circle for her rec (Dr. Phillips Little League) and travel ball (West Florida Crush) teams.

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  • | 11:54 a.m. June 24, 2020
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Adyson Liddick, who plays for both Dr. Phillips Little League and the West Florida Crush, loves the sport of softball. Liddick has been playing softball since she was child, and for her, it’s the sport that keeps her going.

When did you first get into softball?

I first got into softball when I was about 5 or 6, and I honestly can’t remember how I got into it. I think my dad got me this plastic tee and bat for my birthday — and some whiffle balls — and I think that’s how it all started.

Since you first started, what has been the biggest change you’ve seen in your own game?

When I first started, I was an outfielder, because I couldn’t really catch that much or anything, and I couldn’t hit at all. But now, I’m hitting the ball to the far outfield.

What is your favorite part about playing pitcher? The most challenging part?

The best thing about this position is if you do (well), you give your team a great chance that you can win and do (well). The challenging part is that when you’re doing badly, and you have all this pressure on your shoulders, it’s hard to pitch a strike, sometimes. 

How do you mentally get through a game where you’re struggling in the circle?

Usually after every pitch — when I’m doing badly — I walk to the back of the circle, I take a deep breath, and I just hope the next pitch could be a strike. I just block everything out with everyone yelling.

What are the best words of advice that you have been given?

My one coach said I should dominate the batter.

Last year you broke your foot, and it kept you away from the game for a while. What was that like getting back to the field?

So I was at a softball camp, and we were sliding — it was the last five minutes of the camp. When people slide and they don’t cover (it) up, they make a hole. I was the last one to go — I slid, my foot got caught under the base and I flipped over it, and then it cracked. (Because) I couldn’t do anything on my leg, I normally just did my pitching motion on my arm to practice sometimes, and then when I could walk a bit better …  I would take a couple of walks, and then once I got the boot, I started doing somewhat (of a) pitching motion with my legs, but not putting too much pressure on my foot.

How does it feel to finally be back playing?

It honestly feels really good to get out and practice with all my teammates, and it’s fun to hit the ball and pitch and strike people out now. Softball is the one thing that keeps me going, and it’s just really fun for me.

Is there anything you’re working on this summer?

Normally, I’m trying to work on everything, but right now, I’m mostly focusing on my pitching and my hitting mechanics.

When you get spare time, what do you like to do?

I love playing LEGOS a lot. And … Briana Lorr — she is my best friend on DP Little League —  we both love playing LEGOS and online games with each other, and we usually call and do that every single day


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