Orange Observer: Sports Spotlight — Mac Crenshaw

Before the season was canceled prematurely, Windermere’s Mac Crenshaw had a .712 save average for the lacrosse team.

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  • | 11:41 a.m. May 6, 2020
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As a junior on the Windermere High lacrosse team, Mac Crenshaw has been a brick wall between the pipes as the Wolverines’ goalie. Before the season was canceled, Crenshaw had a .712 save average and a 5-2 record.

How did you first get into lacrosse?

In seventh grade, I was playing baseball. I was kind of getting bored of it and a lot of my friends were playing lacrosse. I was just playing baseball because my parents wanted me to, and after hanging out with my friends for a while I decided to play lacrosse. I was playing with West Orange County Outlaws — that’s where all of my friends were playing — and then that’s when I really got into it in seventh or eighth grade. Then in high school, I was really into it, made the team and been playing ever since.

What’s been your favorite thing about playing at Windermere?

Just the culture there — it’s really fun. I feel like the coaches, the parents and the players are all friends together. It’s all really fun.

What is the most challenging part about playing goalie? The aspect you enjoy the most?

The most challenging thing about being goalie is that your mistakes show up on the scoreboard. Every single mistake you make is pretty much determining the score. My favorite part is probably being the support for the team — I’m kind of like the last resort — everyone kind of counts on me. I like being just needed.

Overall, what is the toughest part about lacrosse?

Probably the pressure. There is a lot of pressure. It’s really a team sport, so if you screw up, it really brings the team down. So you really have to work together, and if one person isn’t doing (well), then it kind of defeats the whole team.

What are the best words of advice you have been given about lacrosse?

Probably just to forget about the past play and move on to the next play. As a goalie, when you get scored on, it (isn’t fun). You can’t get it out of your head, and it’s on the scoreboard. But when you just forget about it — get it out of your head — then you can just move on to the next play.

Is there a highlight moment for you at Windermere?

Probably winning districts last year — it was one of the best feelings ever.

How are you feeling about the season being cut short?

We were having a really good year, and I was really looking forward to the season. A lot of the seniors are my really good friends, and it’s going to suck to see them go off to college and possibly never play with them again. But it is what it is, and we’re just going to have to make up for it next season.

What are you up to during your spare time now?

I like video games, so I’ve been playing a lot. I’ve been hitting the wall a lot, and I also have a girlfriend, so I spend a lot of time with her in my spare time.


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