Observer: All-Area boys track and field

With some of the best track and field athletes in the state, the West Orange area was ripe with talent before the season ended.

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  • | 4:15 p.m. May 13, 2020
Photo courtesy of TK Photography/Thomas Lightbody
Photo courtesy of TK Photography/Thomas Lightbody
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Although the FHSAA has cut the spring season short because of the coronavirus pandemic, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of incredible play to celebrate in West Orange and Southwest Orange.

As the Observer continues its All-Area series, this week, we honor the area’s best in boys track and field.


De’Andre Robinson, Olympia, junior

Best finishes: Three first-place finishes in shot put (12 pounds), four first-place finishes in discus (1.6 kilogram).

Quick hit: When it came to the shot put and discus, no one was better than Robinson — who landed seven first-place finishes overall and five second-place finishes for the Titans.

Lake Ellis, TFA, senior

Best finishes: Three first-place finishes in the triple jump, one first-place finish in the long jump, one first-place finish in the 100 meters.

Quick hit: Ellis dominated in the jumping events for TFA; he picked up four first-place spots overall.

Joseph Stravato, West Orange, senior

Best finishes: First place in the 300-meter hurdles (36 inches) at Sanford-Seminole Open, second place in 110m hurdles (39 inches) at the Windermere Meet of Champions Classic.

Quick hit: A weapon in the hurdles events, the West Orange senior landed four top-three finishes between the 300-meter and 110-meter hurdles.

Judah Rodgers, Olympia, junior

Best finishes: Landed two first-place finishes in the triple jump (one at Poinciana Relays, the other at the Charlie Harris Relays).

Quick hit: Rodgers was the spring in the Titans’ step, as he finished in the top 10 in the high jump and triple jump at six different competitions.

Christopher Fetters, Windermere Prep, senior

Best finishes: Second place in the 800 meters at Montverde Eagle Invitational, third-place finish in two different events (400 meters, 800 meters).

Quick hit: Fetters led the way for the Lakers by finishing top five in all five of the events he competed in this season.

Amer Amer, Windermere, junior

Best finishes: First place in javelin at Sanford-Seminole Open, second place in javelin at Windermere Meet of Champions Classic.

Quick hit: Amer was a true slinger for the Wolverines, as he picked up two top-two finishes in the javelin (including a first place at the S-S Open) and a third-place finish in the shot put.

West Orange 4x100 relay team

Members: Jaylon Carlies, Alec Duhaney, David Jones, Matthew McDoom

Best finishes: First-place finishes at Sanford-Seminole Open, Windermere Meet of Champions Classic, Bob English Classic Relays 2020 and Sam Burley Hall of Fame Invitational

Quick hit: No one team dominated more than the West Orange 4x100m relay team. The team — comprising Jaylon Carlise, Alec Duhaney, David Jones and Matthew McDoom — took home four consecutive first-place finishes, and was the second-fastest overall 4x100 team in the state.

Mehari Van der Reit, Foundation, sophomore

Best finishes: Third-place finish in 3,200 meters and fourth-place finish in the 1,600 meters at Holy Trinity Invitational.

Quick hit: A perennial top-five finisher for the Lions, Van der Reit only finished outside of the top five in one event (sixth in the 800 meters at Holy Trinity Invitational)

Alex Shields, TFA, senior

Best finishes: First-place finish in 110-meter hurdles at Jeff Wentworth Relays, first-place finish in javelin at Trinity Prep Invitational.

Quick hit: Shields was a bit of utility athlete for the Royals, as he picked up a first-place finish in both the 110-meter hurdles and javelin.

Buford Ross IV, Ocoee, senior

Best finishes: First place in both the 110-meter hurdles (39 inches) and triple jump at the Mount Dora Christian Invitational.

Quick hit: Ross finished in the top 10 in each of the five events he participated in for the Knights — three of which saw him finish top five.

Matthew McDoom, West Orange, sophomore

Best finishes: First place in the 100 meters and 4x100-meter relay at the Sanford-Seminole Open.

Quick hit: A part of the dynamic 4x100-meter relay team at West Orange, McDoom dominated in the shorter runs as he also picked up a first-place finish in the 100 meters at the Sanford-Seminole Open.

Jaden Floyd, West Orange, junior

Best finishes: First place in the MR 100-100-200-400 meters (alongside Brandon Wright, David Jones and Alec Duhaney), second place in multiple events.

Quick hit: Floyd was a constant top-three finisher for the Warriors, as he picked up solid finishes in the 400 meters, 4x400-meter relay and 4x800-meter relay.


Myles Wiley, Dr. Phillips, junior

Alec Duhaney, West Orange, senior

Kai Komatsu, Olympia, junior

Justin Kelleher, Olympia, senior

Dexter Rentz Jr., Ocoee, senior

Ilyas Semlali, Dr. Phillips, junior

Victor Jones, Olympia, sophomore

David Jones, West Orange, senior

Nacari Heron, Windermere, senior

Wade Martin, Windermere Prep, junior


Michael Maisonet, Dr. Phillips, sophomore

Jason Williams, Ocoee, senior

Jaylon Carlies, West Orange, senior

Joshwa Jerelds, Windermere, senior

Jalen Thompson, Dr. Phillips, junior

Colton Berquist, West Orange, junior

Reggie Jean, Foundation, sophomore

Cullen Van der Reit, Foundation, senior

Kamari Garcon, Ocoee, junior

Reeves Oakman, West Orange, junior


Jacob Collins, Dr. Phillips, senior

Onix Ortiz, Windermere, senior

Cameron Friedman, Olympia, freshman

Jacquez Jones, Dr. Phillips, senior

Rajay Preddie, West Orange, senior

Nivon Holland, Dr. Phillips, junior

Michael Poole, Windermere, Senior

Jamal Slaven, Olympia, senior

Shu Komatsu, Olympia, junior 

Nasir White, Windermere, junior


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