MY VIEW: Chamber opposes Amendment 2

Amendment 2 — Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage has raised much concern within the business community.

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  • | 11:43 a.m. October 26, 2020
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The West Orange Chamber of Commerce, the business voice for West Orange County, represents nearly 1100 businesses and more than 100,000 employees. The WOCC is committed to be the leading business advocate in Central Florida; we exist to serve by “Facilitating Opportunity” — building partnerships, strong businesses and an unshakeable commitment to West Orange County.    

For nearly 50 years, the WOCC has championed business issues from local to state level that create a positive business climate in West Orange County. This year, even with the pandemic and other disruptions, the WOCC is still laser-focused on business issues including the proposed state constitution amendments that will be on the November ballot. 

Amendment 2 — Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage has raised much concern within the business community.   

“As a leading business advocate, we value all individuals being gainfully employed at a fair starting wage,” President/CEO Stina D’Uva said. “However, Amendment 2 would become a part of our state constitution and not be driven by the free market. Furthermore, this amendment would increase the starting rate of $15 per hour annually, with no recourse to adjust for economic conditions on a real time basis due to being mandatorily tied to inflation.” If passed, this amendment would ensure jobs lost due to the pandemic will not return, and businesses already devastated by the effects of the virus may never bounce back. This will slow Florida’s economic recovery and hurt the very people it was intended to help, including seniors and working families on a fixed income; entry-level workers; part-time wage-earners; and student employees.   

Deborah Rios Barnes, chairwoman of the WOCC commented said: “We surveyed our membership, and the majority of them do not support Amendment 2. (Because of) this, coupled with our Board of Directors resolution, the WOCC is opposed to the passage of Amendment 2.”  

As business leaders, the WOCC understands the role we play as employers and setting fair wages, yet, we know this is not the right solution for our community and state.  Amendment 2 is bad for Florida and even worse for Floridians.  

The WOCC encourages you and your family to vote “no” on Amendment 2. 



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