The battle for ivermectin

You need to read this magazine story. An old-school reporter shines light on a miracle drug and efforts to quash it.

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We are connecting you this week to an amazing, extraordinary story of a miracle drug that is “the most powerful COVID-19 killer known to science.”

You may have heard of it: ivermectin.

Dr. Paul Marik, famous in world medical circles, the second-most published critical care doctor in the history of medicine, told a former colleague of mine and friend, journalist Michael Capuzzo, if ivermectin “were universally distributed at a dose that costs 10 American cents in India and about the cost of a Big Mac in the U.S., ivermectin would save countless lives, crush variants, eliminate the need for endless big pharma booster shots and end the pandemic all over the world.”

That sounds like over-the-top, not-to-be-believed hype. But it’s not.

If you do anything today, or this week, you must read Capuzzo’s story, “The Drug That Cracked COVID,” which was published in the May edition of his and wife Teresa’s Pennsylvania magazine, Mountain Home.

We’re providing a link to Capuzzo’s story on and including on this week’s opinion page a URL that you can type into your browser for access to the story.

Let me warn you: It’s long — nearly 10,000 words. But in our view, it’s the most important, factual journalistic story about COVID-19 that has been reported, written and published in the world to date. Here’s why:

In riveting detail, Capuzzo has exposed what we’ll call the tragic, criminal, irresponsible behavior of the U.S. and world medical establishment, Big Pharma, mainstream media, social media tech giants and top political and government leaders around the world. Capuzzo exposed with factual reporting their blatant ignoring and refusal to accept and their efforts to quash and silence undeniable, solid, convincing medical evidence of the effectiveness of ivermectin.

You must read this story. It will infuriate you. And it will convince you yet again that the political, big corporate and world health bureaucrats have lost credibility in whatever they say or do about COVID-19.

Capuzzo quotes another of the world’s most renown critical-care doctors, Pierre Kory, also a leading researcher on ivermectin, describing his fight to bring ivermectin to the world: “Our little ivermectin has so many big enemies. It’s David versus 10 Goliaths.”

While telling the story of an 80-year-old Buffalo, New York, woman fighting for access to ivermectin, which ultimately saved her life, Capuzzo tells what is currently the only complete history of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. This is an alliance that started with five of the world’s most revered pulmonary critical-care doctors who have been fighting with proven science for the recognition and distribution that ivermectin deserves. They are now at the center of a movement of physicians around the world trying to spread the efficacy and use of ivermectin against COVID-19, and more importantly, they are saving hundreds of thousands of lives with ivermectin.

In an email last week, Capuzzo told us he and his wife attended a three-day strategic planning conference involving the FLCCC founders. Wrote Capuzzo: “The No. 1 jaw-dropper: Ivermectin is crushing all variants in Brazil, South Africa, England, doctors on the ground tell Dr. Kory, and ‘slaying the delta variant in India.’”

Capuzzo’s story is full of examples of doctors all over the world reporting how ivermectin is saving lives and eradicating COVID-19. These doctors also all say how they have run into repeated resistance from the medical establishment, public health agencies and politicians against the use of ivermectin.

And yet, as the stories of this miracle drug spread around the world, the mainstream media continues to ignore the news.

This behavior of the media prompted Capuzzo to call them out in his Mountain Home story.

We’ve known Capuzzo since our days nearly 40 years ago in the newsroom of the Miami Herald. He was an all-star, old-school reporter, a true believer in tracking down and verifying facts. And he became an expert storyteller, becoming a New York Times Books bestselling author while he and his wife owned their little magazine in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Capuzzo and his wife stumbled onto the ivermectin story on Mother’s Day 2020 when they were watching “Dr. Kory testify to the U.S. Senate about his group’s first breakthrough, a steroid treatment that was saving 95% of COVID-19 patients when 80% were dying in New York City, and the world was in panic.”

But after that testimony, there was nothing in the media.

That triggered Capuzzo’s curiosity. This was news! A story that needed telling. He spent the next several months piecing together the story of ivermectin and the famous Front Line COVID Critical Care Alliance doctors. He wrote: “I’ve seen unthinkable things” — referring to the behavior of the media.

At the end of an editor’s note introducing his 10,000-word story, Capuzzo issued a call to “my fellow colleagues (journalists) … to open their hearts and minds to legitimate, unreported doctors and therapies and write about all sides of the ivermectin story, like journalists always have. It is a historic opportunity.

“For the first time in the long journey from Gutenberg to Google,” Capuzzo wrote, “journalists may be the ones to save the world.”

When we learned about and read Capuzzo’s ivermectin story, we were compelled to help him. Read this story. Go online to the FLCCC website, and read more about its ivermectin travails and the travesties they’ve encountered. Spread the story to your friends. You, too, might be among those to save the world.



Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is the CEO and founder of Observer Media Group.

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