CrossFit Trailside focuses on fitness, family

Tony Siceloff opened the new gym late last month in Oakland.

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  • | 10:09 a.m. August 27, 2021
Owner Tony Siceloff.
Owner Tony Siceloff.
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CrossFitters in Oakland now have a local gym to call their own.

Tony Siceloff, a former turnpike contractor for the Florida Department of Transportation, opened CrossFit Trailside July 26. 

Prior to moving to Florida, he worked for a 3-D printing company in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

As the pandemic raged on, Siceloff decided he needed a change of pace from his regular job with the DOT and also his job in corporate finance. Having dabbled in CrossFit for 10 years, he decided to open his own gym. But where to put it? 

The inspiration came after he ran by the building while on a run. 

“I saw it and I wanted to open a gym here,” Siceloff said. “It’s also a good position on the West Orange Trail, so you can start off with a run on the trail and then come back. Something different from having to run mostly on the street in some of the other gyms I’ve seen.”

Siceloff said he had a few obstacles to overcome before opening — including from other gym owners who were worried the new business would syphon off clients. However, despite all the road blocks — and 17- to 18-hour days of preparation — Siceloff welcomed his first clients last month.

All workouts are taken straight from CrossFit headquarters and adjusted to suit the needs of the group. The gym is equipped with Olympic lift racks, gymnastics rings, turf for running and boxes for box jumps.

Siceloff said unlike some other CrossFit locations in the area, his is more geared toward families, based on the demographics of Oakland. In addition to the exercise equipment, CrossFit Trailside features a children’s room in the lobby.

“With there being a lot of families in this area, we had to do something to stand out from the other gyms,” Siceloff said.

Siceloff said he has enjoyed the mental and emotional boosts he has experienced as a CrossFit student, and he is excited to bring that to others.

“I love the confidence that it gives after you get through a tough workout,” Siceloff said. “It teaches you self-confidence, patience and mental fortitude. You sometimes have to push yourself beyond what you’re capable of in a workout, and I love that.” 

During its first week of business, the gym got 16 members. 

“Our goal is to get 30 members at the end of the first month, and eventually reach 150,” he said. “The location is good, because we’re close to (Florida’s Turnpike), close to Winter Garden and Clermont. The goal right now is exposure.”

CrossFit Trailside offers a free introduction class at 10 a.m. every Saturday. Guests can check out the gym and participate in a workout before they decide whether they want to join.

The price for a membership with Trailside starts at $145 per month. The membership allows unlimited classes, Run Club access and Sunday Yoga once those programs begin in September, and access to open gym. There will be further add-ons for later. A foundation class is $120. 

If you want a one-on-one session, that starts at $240 a month.



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