Sports Spotlight: Samantha Wall, Foundation Academy girls soccer

Foundation Academy sophomore Samantha Wall earned co-captain status for the Lions.

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  • | 5:08 p.m. January 20, 2021
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Foundation Academy sophomore Samantha Wall may be in her first year with the Lions girls soccer team, but she already is making noise on the pitch for her team. Wall was named co-captain this season and currently leads the team in goals scored.

When did you first get into soccer?

I started playing when I was 4. My dad was a soccer player, too, so he just threw me and my sister into that league at the Y. I just grew up loving it, so I just continued to play it.

What was it about soccer that hooked you?

I just love the sport. It just feels so good to score, since I’ve been playing striker all my life. So the feeling when I score — the adrenaline — it’s always really fun and stuff.

What’s been the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since you first started playing?

I’ve been through a lot of different teams, so it’s been different. I’ve played the bench on some teams, I’ve been on a team where there’s no subs — so learning how to play my position. I started primarily as a bench player … so mainly just working hard. I’ve been through a lot of change.

What is your favorite part about playing striker? The hardest part?

My favorite part would be scoring or assisting a goal, because it just feels really good. A hard part might be getting that first goal of the game — kind of starting it off, because once I start off, it’s easier for me. But right when I get in a game, it’s like, I need to get myself going first … getting through that first phase of my nervousness and telling myself I can do it.

When it comes to soccer as a whole, what is the most challenging part?

I’ve always struggled with the fitness part. I had a really good coach throughout when I was younger, so I’ve been taught the basics of soccer really well … so I guess fitness is the struggle for me. And just making sure I’m also on top of my game … just working on myself.

This is your first year on the Foundation soccer team. What has that been like transitioning to a new team?

I would say it’s been amazing — all of the players on my team have been so nice and welcoming from the start. I remember when I first came last year … the first day of practice, it already felt like I was always a part of the team, because everyone was just so nice. They’re all my friends now.

You’re a co-captain on the team in your first year. What’s that like?

I was surprised — I was really excited when (head coach James Grosshans) said that I was going to be co-captain. The other captain is a senior — her name is Sophia (Moses) — she is really nice, and I just feel like it’s really fun. Sometimes, I feel like it’s a little difficult because I haven’t been captain most of my life, because I’ve been on teams where I’m almost the youngest on the team, so to be able to be captain is really, really cool. 


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