Jack Patterson is a member of both the Winter Garden Little League 12-year-old All-Stars and the Winter Garden Squeeze’s youth travel team.

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  • | 9:20 a.m. July 21, 2021
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Jack Patterson played for the Winter Garden Little League 12-year-old All-Star team this summer. It was Patterson’s third consecutive year making the Winter Garden Little League All-Stars, which were eliminated from competition in districts this year. Patterson primarily plays catcher and first base. Outside of Little League, Patterson plays for the Winter Garden Squeeze youth travel team.

What’s your favorite part about playing catcher?
Just getting to be in every single play. Being able to catch the ball — and you get to see what happens.

What is your favorite team?
Boston Red Sox. I chose to follow them because of my dad. 

How did you get into baseball?
I just thought it would be another good sport just to play, and then it was like so much fun that I just wanted to focus on this one sport.

What’s your favorite part about playing baseball?
Getting to travel and hit the ball and have fun.

What was your experience like playing in All-Stars?
Really cool, because it’s really good competition. We had a really good chance of winning.

If you could meet one baseball player, who would it be and why?
David Ortiz, because he hits the ball really far.

What has been your favorite memory from playing baseball?
Hitting my first home run, because it was a big moment.

Of all the teams you’ve played on, which one is your favorite?
The Squeeze. I get to play with all of my friends. It’s just really fun, because I’ve known them for such a long time.

How excited are you to move onto the bigger field this year?
Really excited. It’s going to be a little difficult at first but it’s going to be fun.

Do you have any interests outside of baseball?
I like to watch football with my dad. That’s really it. 

What is your favorite football team?
The New England Patriots.


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