Plastic waste prep facility coming to Winter Garden

The facility is expected to increase the amount of plastic that is recycled in the area.

PureCycle Technologies
PureCycle Technologies
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A plastic recycling prep facility is making its way to Winter Garden. 

PureCycle Technologies, headquartered in Orlando, announced the opening last week.

The company is known for its recycling process which separates color, odor and contaminants from plastic waste feedstock to transform it into recycled polypropylene, according to the PureCycle website.

The new facility will sort and process polypropylene plastic, also known as number five plastic, which is used in a number of applications including food and general use containers, and toys. 

According to PureCycle, polypropylene plastic is one of the most commonly used plastics in the world and can be a challenge to recycle.

Mike Otworth, CEO of PureCycle, said less than 1% of polypropylene is recycled worldwide.

"Our expectation is that PureCycle’s prep facility will help bolster efforts to recycle more plastic waste in the region," Otworth said. "Having facilities that open up a door for the recycling of discarded plastic material will help us tackle the plastic waste crisis. PureCycle is changing the game when it comes to how communities view and use plastic with our first-of-its-kind purification process that transforms number five plastic waste into an infinitely sustainable material. PureCycle’s goal? To create a truly circular economy.”

The company is expected to increase the amount of plastic that is recycled in the area with the new facility. 

The Winter Garden location is part of PureCycle’s community-focused plan of action to increase the amount of plastic that gets recycled curbside and help stop plastic waste from ending up in waterways, landfills, and the environment.

The recycling prep facility will sort and grind number five plastic waste to be transformed into PureCycle’s plastic resin at its purification site which is under construction in Ironton, Ohio and the next facility in Augusta, Georgia, with construction set to begin in early 2022.

Other plastics will also be processed at the Winter Garden location, which can be sold directly to third-party processors.

Orange County Commissioner Nicole Wilson said she believes families in the community are doing the right thing when it comes to recycling.

"Nearly all Orange County residents recycle each month," Wilson said. "But, too much of what goes into the recycle bin ends up in the landfill because of the high level of contamination and difficulty of sorting mixed plastics. PureCycle’s facility will help our region not only better recycle plastic waste but ultimately recycle it in a way that it can be used time and time again. I’m thrilled this Orange County-based company is investing in their hometown and working to make us more sustainable.”

The recycling prep facility will be located at 851 East Maple St.






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