Lake Buena Vista freshman combines football and volleyball into one package

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  • | 12:14 p.m. September 2, 2021
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Brady Ruth is a freshman at Lake Buena Vista High School and is a dual-sport athlete. Not only does he play wide receiver and linebacker for the Vipers football team, but he is also a middle blocker in volleyball. In August, he was selected to play on the Orlando Gold’s 16-and-under volleyball team. 

What’s fun about playing football? 

I like the hitting part and being able to go out there with teammates. Catching the ball and playing receiver is fun, too. 

What do you like about the positions you play? 

I get to play both sides of the ball, which is fun. At linebacker, I get to play with friends, and it’s fun blitzing and hitting whoever I can. At receiver, it’s fun blocking the cornerbacks and catching the ball whenever I get the chance. 

Who is your favorite NFL wide receiver? 

I like Odell Beckham Jr. and DeAndre Hopkins. 

Favorite NFL linebacker? 

Von Miller. 

How did you get into volleyball? 

In sixth grade, I decided to go to some of the training, and then I ended up trying out and making it. It progressed from there, and I went into club. The first year, like football is now, we didn’t win any games, and it built up from there. 

What’s fun about being middle blocker? 

You get to block both sides and the middle, so you get a lot of blocking. You get quick sets and get the whole court to hit instead of being on the outside where if you’re right, you hit right and left if you hit left.

You were recently named to Orlando Gold’s 16-and-under team. What was that like getting named to the team? 

I was pretty happy. I hadn’t played since July, so it was my first time stepping back out on the court. I’m with all my same teammates from last year, but with a few new teammates, too. We should be good to go. October is when our regular practices start up. 

Between football and volleyball, which would you pick to pursue further if given the choice? 

It depends on if I get scholarships for either one and how my skill level is in each one by my senior year. 

Favorite TV/Netflix show? 

“Marvel: What If” 

If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be? 

Bugs Bunny. 

Favorite school subject? 

Biology. I like all the science behind everything, especially with animals. I’d like to be a marine biologist or something like that. 

What’s one interesting thing about you that no one would expect to know? 

I like to fish. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. 


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