COVID-19 UPDATE: Week of Aug. 27 to Sept. 2, 2021

Here are the latest COVID-19 cases and vaccinations statistics, as reported by the Florida Department of Health.

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2021 Population
: 1,457,445
People Vaccinated: 873,125 (858,281 previous week)
Percent 12+ Vaccinated: for 70% (69% previous week)
Cases: 207,104 (199,787 previous week)
Case Positivity: 18% (17.6% previous week)

WEEK OF AUG. 27 TO SEPT. 2, 2021
People Vaccinated
: 12,765 (13,363 previous week)
Cases: 7,254 (9,048 previous week)
New Case Positivity: 13.4% (14.9% previous week)
Cases per 100,000 Population: 497.7 (620.8 previous week)

New Cases
: 129,240 (151,749 previous week)
New Case Positivity: 15.2% (16.8% previous week)
People Vaccinated, First Dose: 168,300 (184,753 previous week)
People Vaccinated, Series Complete: 237,047 (276,281 previous week)
Deaths: 433 (389 previous week)

Source: Florida Department of Health




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