Athlete of the Week: Alejandro Varon

The Windermere Prep swimmer recently broke two school records in the 100 backstroke and 400 freestyle relay.

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  • | 12:53 p.m. September 23, 2021
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Alejandro Varon is a freshman swimmer for Windermere Prep who specializes in butterfly and the individual medley events. During the Lakers’ meet Sept. 4, Varon broke two school records — one individual and one relay. He broke WPS’s 100-yard backstroke record with a time of 58.71 and led off the 400-yard freestyle relay team, which went 3:29.68. Varon also swims for Windermere Laker Aquatics. He made his Futures cut in the 200-meter individual medley this past summer. 

How did you get involved in swimming? 

When I was young, my parents always signed me up for swimming lessons. They always said I had an affinity for the water; I liked being in it. When I was 8, I started swimming competitively. … I was playing soccer at the time, and I had to make the decision whether to choose soccer or swimming. I chose swimming, because I love swimming and didn’t have the passion for soccer that I did swimming. 

What are some of your best swimming qualities? 

I always do my best in practice, no matter what it is. … I always listen to coach, because I know he’s trying to help me out and make sure I accomplish all my goals. I also have fun (at practice); I don’t make practice boring … so that I at least have some fun in all this pain. 

What was the process of becoming a butterflier? 

At first, butterfly was my worst stroke. … Then during this one winter training, I sat down and said, “I need to work on my butterfly.” I did so much butterfly, and it got stronger and stronger that I found myself swimming the 200 fly and 100 fly at (the Florida Age Group Championship meet). 

Favorite event(s)? 

Either the 200 or 400 IM. They are, in my opinion, some of the hardest, and they’re also fun, because you get to do all four strokes, and you get to see everyone’s weaknesses and strengths in the pool. It shows in the IM. (It shows) who is the most well-rounded swimmer … because you need to be the most versatile. 

Favorite swimmer? 

Caeleb Dressel; his underwaters, freestyle and butterfly, it’s all super impressive. 

What’s your ultimate goal in swimming? 

Make the Olympics. That’s been my goal since Day 1, and I’ve dreamed about it since I was 7. 

Hobbies outside of swimming? 

I like music; I play the drums and guitar. My favorite band is Metallica. 

Favorite drummer?

Neil Peart 

Favorite TV/Netflix show? 


Favorite post-practice meal? 

Chicken and pasta; I also drink a protein shake to help me recover. 


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