Orange County Public Schools announces new rules for School Board meetings

Those who wish to attend or speak at Orange County School Board meetings will need to know these new protocols.
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Anyone who wishes to attend or speak at future Orange County School Board meetings must abide by new protocols, Orange County Public Schools announced Monday, Sept. 27.

The next School Board meeting takes place Tuesday, Sept. 28. The pre-agenda public comment period begins at 4 p.m., and the School Board meeting begins at 4:45 p.m.

The new protocols include:

• The Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center will not open to the public until 30 minutes prior to the starting time of the meeting.

• Face masks are required for all individuals entering OCPS buildings through Oct. 30, 2021. Those who do not adhere to this requirement will be asked to leave the building.

• The public shall enter the RBELC from the Amelia Street entrance only and will be required to pass through the metal detectors. OCPS staff will be present to direct the public.

• There will no congregating in the lobby. The public can either enter the board chambers or a designated overflow room when needed.

• Members of the public who do not wish to provide public comment will follow the line leading directly to the board chambers.

• Members of the public who wish to provide public comment will move through a separate line, where they will be given speaker cards to fill out and turn in at the Information Desk in the lobby prior to entering the board chambers.

• Members of the public will not be permitted to stand in the back of the board chambers or congregate in the board chambers.

• A section in the back of the board chambers will be reserved for the media.

• Blocking the view of others with signage or other items is prohibited.

• By entering onto OCPS property, you affirm: That you do not have chills, a sore throat, cough or shortness of breath AND That you do not currently feel ill. If you cannot affirm either, and/or you have a temperature of 100.4+, you must leave OCPS property immediately.

• Offenders to face mask/civility requirements will be asked to leave. The Orlando Police Department will assist, if called upon.

• Campaigning on district property is prohibited.

• Legal services and law enforcement will review video to determine if trespass warrants are appropriate.




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