Candidate Q&A: Daniel Webster, U.S. House Florida District 11 (REP)

Read our exclusive conversation with Daniel Webster, Republican candidate for U.S. House Florida District 11.

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Editor's note: Candidates responses have not been edited for grammar and are presented as received.

City/town of residence: Clermont,
Family: Wife Sandy, six children, 21 grandchildren
Education: Georgia Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering, 1971
Qualifications: Small business owner, currently serving as U.S. Congressman representing the constituents of Florida’s 11th Congressional district.

What are the key differences between you and your opponents?
This district has the largest share of seniors in the country and as a senior myself, I know firsthand the issues and challenges seniors’ face. I have a proven record of serving you and making a difference in Washington. Keeping my word to help stop the spigot of spending, I have saved taxpayers more than $3 million out of my budget and annually roll back my congressional salary. I have gotten federal agencies to return more than $12 million to constituents.

What are the values and morals that have guided your life, and how will use them as District 11 representative?
I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and my Lord and Savior. I believe in servant leadership and am committed to serving my constituents with humility and integrity. My life and record illustrate my conservative values and I work every day to protect life, empower families and promote conservative principles. I treat everyone with kindness and respect and have never used political attack ads to win election.

Describe the state of our nation’s economy and what steps need to be taken to improve it. As District 11 representative, describe how you will work across the aisle.
I’ve stood up to the Washington Establishment and fought to protect our Constitutional rights. I have a record of getting things done, working with members across the political aisle and keeping my word. I will keep fighting for a principle-based, member-driven process where a bill is considered based on policy-merit, not position, loyalty, rank, or seniority of the sponsor.

I have and will continue to support policies that will get our economy back on track and secure our border. Washington must stop the spigot of spending - borrowing gobs of money to spend today is effectively a tax on our children and grandchildren tomorrow. I have and will continue to vote against massive spending bills – those proposed by Republicans and Democrats alike -

that irresponsibly spend taxpayer dollars. I do not support adding or increasing taxes on hard- working Americans. I was named Audubon Florida’s Champion of the Everglades award for my leadership in Everglades conservation and “Friend of the Taxpayers” for my work to lower taxes and reduce spending and regulatory burdens on hard working Americans.

Define “recession.”
According to the Department of Commerce’s recent GDP report, the U.S. Economy shrank for the second consecutive quarter. These numbers, combined with the historic inflation, confirmed that we are in a recession. Out-of-control government spending and far-left policies pushed by President Biden and Democrat leaders in Congress have exacerbated the issue and contributed to the rising cost of basic goods.

What is your evaluation of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization decision. 
The Supreme Court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is not just the culmination of nearly 50 years of hard work by the pro-life movement — it’s also a testament to the American experiment. At a time when trust in our institutions is low and some question whether our system of government itself is broken, this decision reaffirms that the American experiment is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. As an elected official, I have and will continue to work to protect the rights of our most vulnerable: the unborn. Throughout my years of serving Florida and my country, I have introduced and voted for bills that protect unborn children, our most vulnerable, and opposed taxpayers’ funds from being used to support abortions.

Describe the state of our education system and what steps need to be taken to improve it.
I believe that parental involvement is the foundation of education and education decisions are best made by parents. Florida is a leader in empowering parents to have a voice and choice in their child’s education and providing an array of public, private and home-based options. Many small businesses are struggling to find skilled workers to fill positions or apprenticeships. We must continue to improve early literacy and ensure students are gaining the knowledge and skills required to successfully enter the high-wage, high-tech workforce.

What is the cause of division in the United States, and how can we improve it?
I treat everyone with dignity and respect.  I encourage each of us to seek to serve others, not ourselves. Unkindness and hatred cannot coexist with a focus on serving others.

What is your position on the United States’ involvement in Ukraine?
I stand with the people of Ukraine in this unfathomable time and pray for their safety and victory as they protect their nation.  President Putin is an evil dictator and must be held accountable for his attack on innocent civilians. Early on, I called on President Biden to impose sanctions on critical goods and economic sectors that Russian oligarchs enjoy and was encouraged by the actions of the White House, NATO, and EU countries to restrict the Russian Central Bank and place sanctions on Russian elites and government officials. I believe America must lead with our European allies to keep real and significant diplomatic and economic costs on Russian elites and have co-introduced legislation that condemns and holds Putin accountable. I’ve supported efforts to rearm the Ukrainian people with defensive weapons, continuing the actions started by President Trump when he reversed the Obama-era policy of sending blankets and helmets and instead sent lethal aid. As a result, my name has been added to the Russian Foreign Ministry's blacklist. I will not back down in holding the Russian government and military accountable for committing heinous crimes against humanity and receive this sanction as a badge of honor.



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