Orange County School Board approves raises for teachers

The compensation package represents a 6% increase to instructional payroll.

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The Orange County School Board on Tuesday, June 28, approved a tentative new contract with the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association for the 2022-23 school year.

The compensation package represents a 6% increase ($55 million) to instructional payroll. The package includes:

• Starting salary increase for teachers from $47,500 to $48,400;

• starting salary increase for school psychologists from $56,250 to $57,150; and

• a cost of living adjustment of $900 for all instructional personnel and provides state-mandated performance pay of an additional $2,425 for teachers rated as “Highly Effective” for 2021-22 and an additional $1,800 for teachers rated as “Effective” for 2021-22.

The agreement comes after two impasse proceedings that ended in January. Those included a dispute over teacher raises for the 2021-2022 school year.

“Time and time again, we reminded the (School Board) members that OCCTA will stand up to protect teachers’ rights, livelihood and respect to ensure our students’ success," OCCTA President Wendy Doromal, said. "At the public impasse hearings, the board acknowledged that the district’s approach and proposals at the bargaining table were largely out of step and promised to be more conscious and involved with what is put across the table."

"By us standing together, we were able to secure the highest performance pay wage increase OCPS teachers have ever seen and much-needed changes to the arbitration process that will finally return control over grievances to teachers," she said.

The tentative agreement will be voted on by members of the bargaining unit this summer. Approval is expected in July.



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