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Silvia Rodriguez helps locals take back their lives with her new business, Tidy Up Magic.

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Baldwin Park resident Silvia Rodriguez’s business goes beyond just cleaning.

It brings families together. 

Rodriguez started Tidy Up Magic last September. Her mission as a professional organizer is to declutter, organize and create a system that will allow customers to find everything they need while keeping their house beautiful. 

“My focus is on understanding your expectations and needs and creating a system that you can maintain, allowing you to feel lighter and happier at home,” Rodriguez says. “Your house is an extension of you, and we want it to show. I will work with you until you are satisfied with the organizing system custom-created for you.”

Rodriguez is ready to use her expertise to organize and refresh everything from pantries and closets to playrooms and even garages.

The 46-year-old from Lima, Peru worked in marketing, management, communication, service and sales before coming to the United States in 2012. 

Only a few short months after moving to Orlando, the family moved to Baldwin Park, which they discovered on a random drive one day.

“We immediately decided we have to live here,” Rodriguez says. “We love the neighborhood, and we have a group of friends that are just like family. I just hope we can stay here for years to come.”

Baldwin Park locals already are loving the concept of the business. 

Olivia Willey says she had the pleasure of having Tidy Up Magic declutter, sort, organize and make her daughter’s closet and drawers look beautiful.

“It was such a wonderful experience,” Willey says. “Her taste is impeccable!”

Julie Hemphill agrees.

“Hiring Silvia with Tidy Up Magic was a great decision,” Hemphill says. “She did a complete overhaul of my kitchen. Now, the entire family can find things easily.”

Since moving to the U.S., Rodriguez has been focused on her family, which includes her husband of 28 years and three children.

Although she is grateful she was able to take time to be with her family, she always wanted to have her own business. 

“There was always something in me where I wanted to do something for myself, and I went through some different ideas before I realized this concept was perfect for me,” she says. “ Why not use the way my brain works and the way that I catch detail to help others?

“I have always loved to be around people, and it makes me happy to be of service,” she says. “I have an almost obsessive eye for things out of place, and I am always looking for ways to make a space more organized and functional.”

After a customer contacts her, Rodriguez provides a free consultation to check out the space and discover the needs. 

Rodriguez says the business has the potential to do so much more than provide a clean space.

“I really believe when we have an organized space, it just gives us peace of mind,” she said. “Our mental health is very important and with going from one thing to another every day the last thing we need is to come home to a messy house. We need a space that makes us feel relaxed and comforted. We want to be able to look around and feel good about ourselves and the place we call home.”

Rodriguez also says it is hard to keep relationships at home good if one does not feel comfortable in the space. 

“We need control over something, because there are so many things in our lives — especially lately with the pandemic, that we cannot control,” she says. “I try to keep my house organized and clean, and I’m not going to tell you this is how my house is 100% of the time, but I strive to make our house a relaxing place for my whole family. I hope I can help other families, too.”


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