Ocoee City Commission to discuss public-private partnership

This partnership, which the Ocoee Commission will discuss and consider tonight, was brought to the city by Fortress Secured in order to construct a police training center as a result of it.

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The Ocoee City Commission will hold its next regular City Commission meeting at 6:15 p.m. Tuesday,  Nov. 15. 

The consent agenda includes the approval of the FDOT Subrecipient Highway Safety Grant to be awarded to the Police Department to support its effort in reducing the number of traffic-related fatalities and injuries; the approval for the acceptance of the Bureau of Justice Assistance that will fund a license plate reader system to assist the police department in investigating criminal activity based on crime data; and the approval to the disaster debris monitoring services with Thompson Consulting Services after the contract was activated following the passing of Hurricane Ian. 

The commission also will perform the second reading of ordinance and public reading for the Land Development Code related to major community residential homes and commercial recreation facilities in order to correct discrepancies in the current use of the agriculture zoning districts and all of the residential zoning districts. 

The items in the regular agenda include the unsolicited proposal for a public private partnership the City of Ocoee received from Fortress Secured to construct a Police Training Center by creating a public-private partnership and the discussion of the reorganization, and the future direction, of the Human Relations Diversity Board following some concerns in regards to the health of its current board. 

Citizens can attend in person at the Ocoee City Hall at 1 N. Bluford Ave., Ocoee.



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