Duke Energy expects to complete restoration efforts by tonight

All customers who can receive power will be restored by Monday night, the utility company announced.

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Duke Energy Florida aims to have all customers restored Monday night — except for those who cannot receive power because of damage or flooding.

“Our crews have restored nearly 1 million customers since the storm left Florida, and we are pushing ahead to have all customers restored Monday night,” Duke Energy Florida State President Melissa Seixas said. “Our crews have worked tirelessly the past few days, and we thank our customers for their patience during this stressful time.”

As of 2 p.m. Monday, Oct. 3, the company had about 15,000 customers without power. Duke Energy Florida serves 1.9 million customers in the state.

Seixas said the workforce that began with 10,000 personnel from around the country helped speed restoration. This progress enables Duke Energy Florida to make resources available to other utilities in the state, especially those in the devastated Southwest counties.

Along with additional crews, the company was helped by its recent improvements to the grid, minimizing outages and restoration times.

“Duke Energy Florida’s storm preparation and grid modernization paid dividends as we were able to begin restoring power even before the storm exited our territory,” said Todd Fountain, Duke Energy Florida storm director. “We still have work to do in some flooded areas, and we’ll be able to restore service there as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Customers who have experienced flooding or damage
If your home or business is flooded, Duke Energy cannot reconnect power until the electrical system has been inspected by a licensed electrician. If there is damage, an electrician will need to make repairs and obtain verification from your local building inspection authority before power can be restored.

If the meter box is pulled away from a customer’s house or mobile home service pole and power is not being received, the homeowner is responsible for contacting an electrician to reattach the meter box and/or provide a permanent fix. In some instances, an electrical inspection may be required by the county before Duke Energy can reconnect service. An electrician can advise customers on next steps.




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