BREAKING: Weapon report prompts 'hold' at Windermere High

The school was placed on a brief hold this morning because of a report of a student in possession of a possible weapon on campus, Principal Andrew Leftakis told parents.

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Clarification: An earlier version of this story included the headline, "BREAKING: Weapon report prompts lockdown at Windermere High." This story has been updated to change the word "lockdown" to "hold."

Classes were placed on hold this morning at Windermere High after reports surfaced of a student in possession of a weapon.

Those reports were found to be false, and the hold has been lifted.

"Law enforcement immediately investigated, identified the student, and nothing was found," Principal Andrew Leftakis told parents via email. "Please be assured the safety of our students and staff is always my top priority. Parents: I strongly encourage you to speak with your students about making good choices and to regularly check their backpacks for items that are not allowed at school. Please reiterate to your student, “If you see something, say something.

"To report anything suspicious, please contact the school or use the Fortify Florida app," he said.

Orange County Public Schools Assistant Director of Media Relations Lorena Arias said a "hold" procedure is different than a "lockdown."

"During a hold, everyone remains in the classroom, and instruction continues while law enforcement investigates or handles an incident," she said. "During a lockdown, everyone is hiding, silent, out of sight, and there is no instruction taking place."




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