Julia Kane led her team during the first two matches of the season with 21 kills, 23 digs and an 83% positive serve reception. Kane also contributed 11 service points, four aces and five blocks.

Julia Kane
Julia Kane
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Windermere Prep senior and volleyball team captain Julia Kane led her team during the first two matches of the season with 21 kills, 23 digs and an 83% positive serve reception. Kane also contributed 11 service points, four aces and five blocks. She is verbally committed to Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, and is looking forward to signing on national signing day, Nov. 9, as she will graduate in December. 

Tell us about your years playing volleyball.
I’ve been playing for 12 years; I started really young as a libero. Once I got into high school, since I grew quite a bit, I started playing outside for the school’s team. 

What do you enjoy playing most? 
I enjoy playing libero most, because it’s just my main position, and I really enjoy the defensive aspect of it. But playing outside is fun in high school, because it’s different. 

Why volleyball? 
It kind of just happened out of circumstance, because my sister (Katie Kane) played, and I was always at the gym and I was like ‘OK, why don’t I try?’ And I started when I was 6 (years old), and then as I kept going, I really liked it so, I stuck with it. 

What do you enjoy playing most, offense or defense?
Defense. I just like when someone goes for a big swing and you just pick it up and they were expecting to get a kill and you are like, ‘Nope.’ 

What is your favorite part about being a part of the Lakers volleyball team?
I really like starting off. I started playing varsity at the end of seventh grade, so I liked, at that time, being able to  look up to the senior girls. And then, being able to switch roles, now I’m a senior, and we have some younger players on the team, so just being able to try to be a good role model, because we have a pretty wide age range. 

How have you grown as a volleyball player? 
I think mostly, when I was younger, I relied on athleticism, and then I had to learn really, in club volleyball. That because it’s such a fast pace (sport). You have to learn how to read the ball really well and track, because even if you are a good player and a great athlete, you still have to be able to read, so the volleyball IQ side of things. 

What have you implemented into your play that’s unique?
I think just coming as being libero, playing outside I can manage to take a lot of court and serve/receive — and try to just really focus on getting a good pass for my team. And even playing as blocker in defense, I have found it’s something I have a good effort with covering tips, because I have the libero background. 

What’s your favorite hobby?
Definitely art painting. I like acrylic, oil and the most recent thing I’m doing is oil pastel. I like portraits or natural landscapes. 

What’s your favorite movie? 
“10 Things I Hate About You” — it’s just cute and cheesy. 

What TV series are you watching right now? 
“Downton Abbey.” I like the setting — like the Old England. 

What are three places you would like to visit and why? 
I’d like to go to Tokyo, just because the city looks so different than the cities we are used to. Maybe Australia, because of its scenery, and maybe Croatia, because it looks very pretty. 

If you could have a superpower, which one would it be and why? 
Teleportation, because I could travel very easily. 

What are three things you would take with you to a deserted island? 
Probably coffee, so I can be awake, my cats and a puzzle, so I’d be entertained. 

What’s your favorite food? 
Sushi, spicy tuna.

What’s your favorite dessert? 
Chocolate ice cream. 

What’s your favorite superhero and why? 
I don’t really watch superhero movies; maybe Wonder Woman. 

Have you given any thought about where you would like to go to college? 
I’m verbally committed to Purdue University. 

When do you have to make your decision? 
I’ve pretty much made my decision, but I haven’t officially signed yet. 

What would you like to study there? 
I hope to study environmental science. I just think it’s really interesting the conservation of natural resources. 



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