Duke Energy Florida gets ready for storm Idalia

As Orlando stays within storm Idalia's cone of impact, Duke Energy Florida continues to monitor the system while making the necessary preparations to better serve the community.

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With storm Idalia slowly approaching Florida, Duke Energy Florida already is making the necessary arrangements to be ready for impact.

"Duke Energy is actively monitoring Idalia’s path, intensity and timing, and staging resources in safe locations to respond to outages as soon as it’s safe to do so,” said Todd Fountain, Duke Energy Florida storm director on a press release. “As we prepare to respond, it's important our customers take this storm seriously and ensure their homes and families are prepared.”

According to a press release, crews from Duke Energy's Midwest operations "will assist and begin power restoration as soon as weather conditions safely allow." 

Here are some safety reminders: 

  • Prepare now for possible power outages.
  • Have an adequate supply of flashlights, batteries, bottled water, non-perishable foods, medicines, among others. Have a portable, battery-operated radio or TV, or a weather radio. 
  • Make alternate shelter arrangements as needed. 
  • If loss of power occurs, those who are dependent on medical equipment should have a power backup system readily available and a plan to safely transport to the nearest medical facility.
  • Stay away from fallen power lines and report power line hazards to (800) 228-8485. 
  • If power lines fall across a car you are in, do not exit the car. If exiting the car is absolutely necessary, jump clear of the car and land on both feet. 

To stay informed of power outage areas, here's an interactive map that provides up-to-date information. If you experience a power outage during the storm, it should be reported to duke-energy.com



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