Couples share stories ahead of Valentines Day

Baldwin Park couples share stories of how they met.

Photo courtesy of Courtney Dyer and Trey Miller
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Courtney Dyer and Trey Miller

My boyfriend and I have lived in Baldwin Park for two years. We met in college. He took me on a first date to the local rodeo and it was absolutely not my vibe — not romantic at all — and very dirty. It was a bad first date! I didn’t speak to him again for over a year, and then we met again at a university event. We’ve been together five years now. We graduated college, he moved to Jacksonville, and I moved to Tallahassee for law school, and then we both moved to Baldwin Park and love it here.

Michael and Marilyn Weaver

I met my husband Michael after I resolved to go out on “one date” in 2011. When we met online, I didn’t like him at first, because he was so nice. Really, it was because he was nerdy and not my usual type. My brother dared me to go out with him. We ended up falling in love over time and blended our families, we were both single parents of an elementary schooler. Interestingly, he had lived in Baldwin Park for a time before we met, so we probably passed each other in the grocery store or on the street. We’ve lived in Baldwin Park since we married. 

Michael and Rachel Lynch

Rachel and I met in 2007 in Pensacola, when I was an attorney with law firm Levin Papantonio. Rachel was working as a legal assistant in the pharmaceutical litigation department. It was love at first sight for us both. We moved to Orlando together in 2008. We purchased a home in Baldwin Park in 2015 and married in 2018 in Key West. I run my own law firm, The Michael Brady Lynch Firm, from my home in Baldwin, specializing in products liability and personal injury. Rachel is a senior manager at Charles Schwab in Maitland. We are expecting our first baby, Ava Christina, on March 9.

Alex Lopez and Vivian Cao

My boyfriend and I met in high school, and he actually tried to steal my purse, so that was my first impression of him. We were in the same math class, sat next to each other, and we didn’t know each other. One day after class ended, we both got up, and while he was hooking his backpack on, he accidentally hooked it onto my purse the same time I was about to put my purse on my shoulder. He didn’t notice and started walking away with my purse! I did not know who this was at all — didn’t know his name or anything. He started walking away, and I had to awkwardly follow behind with my hand still on my purse for five seconds before going, “Uh, excuse me.” He turned around and was absolutely mortified at the situation. He started apologizing and gave me my purse back. I thought he was really weird after that. It turns out at the time, he thought I was cool and cute — and was working up the courage to talk to me but didn’t know how. We didn’t talk after that and didn’t talk until we realized we had art together. We laughed about the situation afterward and became best friends for a year. Now we’re on six years of dating and have a dog together!

Randy and Emily Balletta

My husband and I live in and incorporated Baldwin Park in our wedding, having lawn games in crescent park and a large welcome dinner at Grace Hopper Hall. We met in college at the snack table while on a retreat. We share a mutual love of Capri Suns LOL!

Luis Morales and Roberta Noronha

I have co-owned The Bridal Finery in Winter Park for five years. My husband is a local baker and pastry chef. He is known in Baldwin Park for his charcuterie boards, private parties and the occasional Friday pop-up at Baldwin Realty. We have lived in Baldwin Park since 2012. We have two daughters, 16 and 14, who are both attendees of Winter Park High School. 

Kyle and Kathleen Klinger

My husband Kyle and I met in Orlando at the end of 2019. Our first date was in Baldwin Park, where I lived. Our second and many subsequent dates were at Tactical Brewing for the Thursday night Run Club. He moved in, and we later moved to another apartment in Baldwin Park. Just before Christmas last year, he proposed on the smaller dock on Lake Baldwin. The larger one with the gazebo was too crowded at that moment! He then surprised me with an engagement party with our dear friends at Wildflower. We were married in September. You can catch us around with our two greyhounds walking the trails and lakes. We’ve cherished our time in this wonderful neighborhood.

Kyle and Kylee Jones

My husband and I are a modern-day Tinder success story. We went on one date, and we were both sold. We got married in March and are expecting our first baby in February. The one thing that makes us stand out is we basically have the same name. We are Kyle and Kylee Jones. Not only do we have the same name basically, we both work in the private aviation industry. We live in Baldwin Park and we love the community.



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