Rep. Carolina Amesty issues Reedy Creek response

Amesty was elected as District 45 state representative last November.

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Following Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' unveiling of a plan to replace the Reedy Creek Improvement District, new District 25 State Rep. Carolina Amesty issued a statement about the plan.

“Disney is a great asset to Florida and its tourism industry,” Amesty said. “The entire Disney complex has played a critical role in our state’s economic success, but size and success should never be used as an excuse to provide any company with special exemptions from rules and regulations that all other Florida corporations are obligated to follow.  I believe that all Florida corporations should be treated equally, and I support Gov. DeSantis’ latest initiative to bring the Reedy Creek special governing district under state jurisdiction."

According to documents published on the Osceola County government website, the Legislature intends to seek legislation that would replace the district with a state-run board.

"I want what is best for District 45, and I believe this is the right move for my community and for Florida," Amesty said. "One of the reasons why I support the governor’s initiative is because he and the Legislature will take pains to keep any of the Reedy Creek tax burden from being shared by local governments outside of the Reedy Creek District, and I look forward to working with my colleagues on this local bill in the House to ensure that the residents of Orange and Osceola County will not incur any debts that are the responsibility of the Reedy Creek Improvement District.”

Last year, the Florida Legislature passed legislation to dissolve Disney’s special governing district, Reedy Creek. Established in 1967, Reedy Creek has been governed and maintained by The Walt Disney Company and was designed to give the company the authority to finance the expenses needed to carry out its services.



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