In only seven games, Diaz earned a .813 batting average, .870 OBP, 13 hits, seven homers, 15 RBIs, 12 runs and no strikeouts.

Danny Diaz
Danny Diaz
Photo by Andrea Mujica
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Dr. Phillips Little League catcher and shortstop Danny Diaz led his team in all offensive categories this past season. In only seven games, Diaz earned a .813 batting average, .870 OBP, 13 hits, seven homers, 15 RBIs, 12 runs and no strikeouts. 

Tell us about your years as a baseball player.
I started (playing baseball) when I was 7 years old, and I’ve been practicing until now. I think my mom (Yadira Cardenas) signed me up, and I just started playing. 

What do you love most about baseball as a sport?
I love my friends and just baseball. It’s my favorite thing; I love playing it. 

How long have you been a part of the DPLL team? 
Since I was 7 years old. (I also play) travel ball with Base 11. (I’ve been playing with them) since 2020.

What do you believe baseball has taught you not only on the field but also off it? 
(It has taught me) discipline, responsibility and hard work. (I need to) practice every day, eat (well) and be healthy. 

Do you have a favorite drill at practice? 
Not really. I like hitting; it’s my favorite. I love the crack of the bat and how the bat sounds. 

What do you think makes you a unique player on the baseball field? 
Discipline, attitude and how you play the game. 

How do you believe you instill leadership in your team? 
By helping my team, correcting them and trying to do the right thing. 

Do you have a favorite MLB team and player? 
The Yankees, because I have family in New York, and we’ve been following them for a long time. (I also like) the Astros, the Marlins and the Dodgers. 

What is your favorite hobby? 
Probably playing video games or training. (I like to play) “MLB The Show,” “GTA” and “Rocket League.”

What do you like to do on the weekends? 
If I can we can go watch a baseball game or go to the beach. 

What are three things you would take with you to a deserted island? 
A baseball glove, a baseball and sunscreen. 

What TV series are you watching right now? 
I’m watching “Shameless.” I like it. It’s funny, and it’s fun to watch. 

What’s your favorite type of music? 
Spanish music. I like Bad Bunny. 

Who is your favorite superhero? Why? 
I’d say Spider-Man; he’s saved a lot of people. 

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? 
Teleportation, so I can get places faster and never be late. 

What are three places you’d like to visit? Why? 
Probably any baseball stadium — Dodgers or Yankees. I would go back to Cuba, because I have a lot of family there, and I like it there. I have friends and cousins, and I always have fun when I go there. Probably Dominican Republic, because that’s where a lot of baseball players are, and that’s where they grew up. I could probably learn a lot there. 

Which one would you choose: Instagram, BeReal or TikTok? 
Probably Instagram, because that’s what most people use. (That’s where) MLB players … post all their baseball things, so I can watch their videos. 

If you could go back in time to a specific period of history, which one would it be and why?
Probably 2000 to 2010, because that’s when a lot of famous baseball players played and I never had the chance to see them play. 

What color would you say represents your personality? 
Probably blue. 

If you could be an animal for a day, which one would you be and why? 
A lion, because I have more power. 



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