The Spot @ Silver Lining joining the Horizon West community

The new, state-of-the-art mixed-use building broke ground in Summerport Village July 15, 2021, and finished construction only a few short months ago in January.

The Spot @ Silver Lining is owned by a Horizon West family.
The Spot @ Silver Lining is owned by a Horizon West family.
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A new, state-of-the-art mixed-use building is joining the Horizon West community.

The Spot @ Silver Lining broke ground in Summerport Village July 15, 2021, and finished construction only a few short months ago in January. 

The owners said there will be a three-phase development process of the two commercial parcels, which measure about six acres on the bank of Lake Smith. 

Phase One includes the completed 15,000-square-foot building comprising 10 suites with 200 plus parking spots for medical and select retails. Phase Two is a 12,000-square-foot pad and is available for construction. Phase Three is 3 acres of commercial land, which can hold a 30,000-square-foot structure and be built to suit.

The commercial properties and projects are owned by Windermere residents Drs. Saleh and Sherin Parvez.

The couple moved to the area after graduating from the University of Missouri — Columbia School of Medicine.

The doctors worked for hospitals before becoming faculty at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine while also running their own private practice. The family also includes two sons — Sheehan, a University of Florida premedical student; and Shane, a junior at Windermere High School. Both are involved in the projects through their ideas and help toward their parents’ ambitious goals.

“(We) always wanted to have our own settings where we could practice medicine independently,” Saleh Parvez said. “Having the set up in the neighborhood, we can serve the community where we belong. Horizon West (is) one of the fastest-growing planned developments in the United States, (and) we take pride in its fast-paced economic and social development. We wanted to create a landmark (that) will be recognized as an icon of Horizon West at the Bridgewater Village. Hence, this new structure was named thoughtfully as The Spot @ Silver Lining.”


The two-story office building has 10 suites for multiple medical practices and select retailers. 

Medical services will include facilities for physical and mental health. The retailers could be any kind that fit the need of the growing community, the Parvezes said. 

In addition, Bella Paulista, an upscale pastry shop/cafe is in queue to be opened. 

Although some of the practices already have moved in, others still are working on building out their suites to be able to open their doors in the near future. 

“We found the availability of good medical care tends inversely with the need in the population we belong to,” Saleh Parvez said. “We (would) like to minimize that gap as much as possible. As we have received so much from this community, we (would) like to give back by creating jobs and providing outstanding services in return.”

The Parvezes’ practice, Silver Lining Psychiatry, is already up and running on the top floor, Suite 230. 

“We work toward capturing a person’s self-esteem, self-expression and capacity to channel his or her energy to achieve personal goals,” Saleh Parvez said. 

The practice provides behavioral health care for adults, adolescents and the geriatric population. 

Both doctors are experienced in practicing general adult psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, tele-psychiatry, addiction medicine and forensic psychiatry. The practice offers diagnostic and medication management for mood disorders, bipolar disorders, cyclothymic disorders, PTSD, OCD, panic disorders, cognitive and memory related disorders, sleep disorders, and more. 

Andrea Thayer, also a Windermere resident, will fill the second floor right wing with her practice, Exclusive Med Aesthetics. She offers various laser therapies, hair restoration, micro-needling, weight loss, BOTOX,  IV hydration, injections and other rejuvenating therapies.

Thayer, an advanced nurse practitioner, is excited to bring her expertise to this location from another in downtown Winter Garden. It is set to host a grand opening at the end of June. 

“I just like helping people,” she said. “I’ve worked in primary care, neurology and dermatology for the past few years, and I wanted to be able to take more one-on-one time with my patients to be able to fully help them with their needs and achieve their goals in helping them feel better about themselves. We’re such critics of ourselves, so being able to help others fills my cup and makes me who I am.”

Construction will start soon for Thayer’s practice, and it is expected to be completed in six to eight months. 

Another Windermere resident, Dr. Cynthia Charone Muniz, is thrilled to have the opportunity to house her practice at The Spot @ Silver Lining. 

She has 25-plus years of experience in practicing medicine and is excited to sign up for her geriatric medicine/family medicine and memory clinic at the spot. She is an award-winning philanthropist and entrepreneur who has strong conviction in love, faith and medicine. Her practice is expected to be ready to open its doors in six months.

Sherin Parvez said she strongly believes, “a good physician treats the disease, but a great physician treats the patient.” 

“We would love to see this spot as a hope for the population who seek a cure,” Sherin Parvez said. “(Hence the name), as we believe every cloud has a silver lining.”



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