INFLUENCER OF THE WEEK: Tiffany Stanley, Horizon West Middle School

Tiffany Stanley is the instructional coach and lead mentor at Horizon West Middle School.

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Tiffany Stanley is the instructional coach and lead mentor at Horizon West Middle School. She has been at the school since it opened in 2019. In her position, she works closely with beginning teachers. She was just recognized by the district as an outstanding lead mentor. Principal Michelle Thomas said Stanley is known as the school’s cheerleader on campus and always has a positive attitude, regardless of the challenges that the school faces. “She continually looks at the bright side and ensures our teachers and students are taken care of at all costs,” Thomas said. 

What brought you to your school?

After 14 years at Whispering Oak Elementary School, I moved to Horizon West Middle School in 2019 to help open the new school in Windermere. I had worked with our principal, Michelle Thomas, previously and was excited to join her with the opportunity to open a new middle school.

What do you love most about your school?

The things I love most about Horizon West Middle is the diversity of the students, the collaborative culture of teachers working together and the supportive community.

What is your motivation?

I am motivated by the desire to learn new things and by working collaboratively in a positive environment with faculty and staff members. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of being an instructional coach is getting into classrooms to see a variety of teaching styles, watching the relationships between students and teachers cultivate, and seeing the development and growth of my beginning teachers.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I love to spend time with my family, go to the beach, listen to music, watch sports and root on the Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox!

Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school? Why?

It’s hard to pick one favorite teacher, as I had many over the years, but I would say one of my favorites was my junior high reading teacher, Ms. Pomeroy.  I was new to the school, and she made me feel so welcome and she was always kind and helpful. 

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, I’d line up my stuffed animals and conduct a great lesson in front of all them!

What is your favorite children’s book and why?

I loved all the books and poetry written by Shel Silverstein; I still can recite a few of his poems!

What are your hobbies? 

I love musical theater, singing, cheering on Boston sports teams, swimming and walking!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I would love to have the superpower to travel anywhere, at any time. I have family and friends all over the country and miss them tremendously!

If you could only listen to three bands or artists for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

The Eagles, The Beatles and Sara Bareilles.

What was your go-to lunch as an elementary student? Any favorite snacks or special treats you remember?

Sandwiches and chips were my go-to lunch, I also loved getting soft pretzels in the hot lunch line in high school!

What is your favorite holiday and why?

My favorite holiday is Christmas! Christmas in Vermont with family is just the best! Let it snow! 

Who was your best friend when you were in school and why? Are you still in touch?

I have two best friends from childhood, Kiki and Heidi, and we still stay in touch and will continue to be lifelong friends!

What were your extracurricular activities as a student? Did you win any accolades or honors?

I was a cheerleader in middle and high school. I won the Vermont State Cheerleading Competition! I also played varsity tennis all four years of high school. I was actively involved in chorus and our musical theater department. I also won the title of Junior Miss my senior year of high school.



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