MEET THE CANDIDATE: Scott Kennedy, Ocoee City Commissioner District 1

Two candidates — Hope Bellamy and Scott Kennedy — are vying to be the next District 1 commissioner for the city of Ocoee.

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A 54-year-old native Floridian, Scott Kennedy has been a resident of the city of Ocoee for 18 years. Kennedy holds a bachelor’s degree in technical management and a master’s degree from Keller Graduate School of Management. Kennedy spent his youth doing volunteer work as part of the Royal Memoirs, with which he was awarded a gold medal of achievement. He serves as the HOA president at Forestbrooke Community Owners’ Association and is a member of the Human Relations Diversity Board. 

How did you find your way to Ocoee?
I was born in Melbourne, so I am a native. My parents moved to Orlando, Orange County, when I was a baby, and I lived in Northwest Orange County my whole life. I went to Evans High School. I grew up in the Pine Hills area, and when I got married, my wife and I were saving for our first home. We found a spot we liked here in Ocoee, and we moved here. 

Why are you running for the District 1 seat?
I’ve seen the issues and suffered the issues, and I’m running to be an advocate dedicated to that district. (I am) devoted to the issues that affect that district rather than broader state issues, county issues. I am running to be an advocate for the district where I live. 

What is your vision for the city?
One of the issues I’m running on is a vision issue. That is, as we grow, I want to see balanced growth that maintains the character of Ocoee. This is our home; we are Ocoee. We are not Windermere. We are not Winter Garden. We are not Apopka. And I think what residents want — certainly residents in my district want — is they want to grow, but they don’t want to see the character of Ocoee change by that growth. 

What changes would you bring to the city?
The issues I’m running on are the traffic and the congestion. I think we need to solve those. I think we need to advocate the money from the county to the city and then give it into our district. We have some roads that need to be widened. We have some roads that need more lighting — they are dangerous and congested — and as I said, managing the growth in a balanced way. Also, I want to see the budget and the funding for projects reflect the priorities of the district. Public safety is a huge issue in our district. We have some really bad accidents and fatalities, and I think people should be able to go out and enjoy the city, drive around, walk around with their kids and not get hit by speeding cars and things like that. 

How do you differ from the other candidate?
So, I know absolutely nothing about the other candidate. I’ve never met him; I don’t know anything about him. I’m not running to run against another candidate. I have issues on the platform that I am running on, and that’s what I’m going to do.



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