MEET THE CANDIDATE: Shante Munns, Ocoee City Commissioner District 3

Two candidates — Richard Firstner (incumbent) and Shante Munns — are vying to be the next District 3 commissioner for the city of Ocoee.

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A native of Orange County born and raised in Orlando, Shante Munns is a small-business owner who understands the challenges small businesses face within the communities in which they operate. Munns volunteers at the IAAMS nonprofit organization, which helps conduct community outreach projects throughout the Central Florida area. 

How did you find your way to Ocoee?
I’m no stranger to Ocoee. I have family and friends who have lived here for years. I recently moved to Ocoee to help care for a family member.

Why are you running for the District 3 seat?
 want to establish a better quality of life for the citizens of Ocoee by improving air and water quality, bringing sustainable growth with improved infrastructure, and communication. To move Ocoee in the proper direction, we need leaders that connect to all Ocoee residents year around, not just election season. 

What is your vision for the city?
(I would like to bring) economic development and sustainable growth, ensuring the residents have the essential resources and services throughout the community as needed, promoting and engaging with businesses that will benefit the community of Ocoee, accommodating sustainable growth by effectively creating roadways and having developers contribute to share costs, ensuring the representation of diversity and unity is displayed equally, protecting our environment, holding individuals and companies accountable for the disposal of contaminated or hazardous materials, and protecting our air and water quality by conducting tests more frequently.

What changes would you bring to the city?
I would like to bring more community resources and neighborhood programs to the city, while implementing seminars focusing on community services and essential resources. More importantly, we need to establish better lines of communication between our city, our residents and business owners by addressing concerns in a timely manner. My goal and perspective for change would include leadership taking responsibility for their actions and showing the city of Ocoee that we are unified as one.

How do you differ from the incumbent?
As a candidate, I can engage with people from all walks of life, making it easier for residents to relate. My experiences of working with various communities is a blueprint for positive change in Ocoee ensuring the residence of District 3 will have the zealous representation that they deserve.



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