Largest Heart releases book on positivity

The self-help book was written by nonprofit founder Peter T. Cook to raise awareness of mental health.

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To kick off mental health awareness month, the nonprofit Largest Heart Corporation has released “The Power of Positive: A Guide to Finding Your Purpose and Living Your Best Life.”

The self-help book from founder Peter T. Cook is part of the creative ways this nonprofit organization is raising awareness and prevention and generating funding for mental health.

This book offers suggestions for overcoming trauma and developing healthy ways to heal, grow and live your best life.

Cook, an Orlando Family Magazine “Man of the Year,” shares a blueprint to achieve purpose and live with happiness. As a survivor of two violent assaults, identity theft, and addiction to oxycontin and alcohol, Cook has some inside tips to overcome the worst to become the best version of yourself.

“To overcome anything in life, it first starts with your attitude,” he said. “If it’s not a positive attitude, then hit the reset button and start over.”

To continue Largest Heart’s mission of raising awareness and promoting prevention, the organization has also launched The Power of Positive Podcast on YouTube.

This is the organization’s third book. The first two books, released earlier this year, are part of the Hippo Jones children's book series which aim to instill healthy and positive practices in children: “Hippo Jones and the Legend of the Largest Heart” and “Hippo Jones and Seven Secrets of Happiness.”

In addition to his community involvement and awards, Cook holds more than a dozen U.S. trademarks and patents, an MBA from Colorado State University and a Dual Bachelor of Arts from Marist College. He is also a certified life and happiness coach.

For more information about the Largest Heart Corporation and its mission, visit or contact [email protected].


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